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Livingston – Franklin NC

Livingston Bar & Grill
Franklin, NC

I went with my Nana to Franklin NC to visit a bed and breakfast. After a day of sightseeing, we wanted a nice dinner. Franklin does not have a lot of chain style restaurants, which was fine with me. Livingston Bar & Grill had a lot of delicious looking Caribbean items on the menu, including many vegetarian entrees. Nana and I decided on Conch Fritters with Key lime mustard sauce ($9) and Cuban Style Pork plate – mojo (pronounced mo-ho) marinated pork served over coconut rice, black beans and fried plantain ($18).

The key lime mustard sauce flavors could have been more developed. The mix sounds good on paper, but did not come through when I tasted it. Fortunately for us, the conch fritters were delicious and did not need any dipping sauce. The batter for the fritters was lightly fried with conch chucks throughout. I was pleased since the last time I had fritters this good, I was in the Bahamas. Who knew I would be able to get conch fritters in the mountains of North Carolina?

The Cuban style pork plate was enough for two people (this is why we shared a plate). I ordered this to-go and received heaping portions of rice with pork piled on top. There were several slices of sweet caramelized fried ripe plantain which balanced the salty, vinegary flavor of the pork. The coconut rice has bits of coconut in it, but it was not sweet to me. The black beans probably absorbed any possible sweetness in the rice.

Overall, everything was very tasty. I would eat here again. I like their interpretation of Caribbean flavors and ingredient combinations. If you are in Franklin NC or just passing through, Livingston Bar & Grill is worth a visit.


Yuet Lee – Chinatown San Francisco CA

This is one of the many Chinese restaurants inChinatown. We chose this restaurant because (1) it was midnight- theyclose at 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights (2) we were hungry and (3)it was walking distance from our hotel.

First of all, no egg rolls served at this establishment. So don’t ask! It surprised me because I thought that eggrolls were a Chinese food staple. I thought the waiter did not understand what I was talking about. He did understand and, shaking his head emphatically, was telling me "No egg roll here".

I ordered spareribs with tender greens rice plate. I wanted BBQ ribs but did not realize that was not what I ordered. In any case it was a great value for $6.25 and there was enough food for two people. Dave and I shared this.

The ribs were cooked well and have a brown gravy covering it all. The greens were bok choy (I think). I cannot explain the flavors because
there is nothing to compare to it. It was delicious though. It was not spicy so I added Siracha chili sauce.

The wait staff were nice enough. The guy that took our order seemed to be no nonsense, taking his job more seriously than I thought necessary. He made sure our drink glasses were filled at all times and he was very attentive, so that was fine by me.

As we walked by the counter when we left, I saw all the comments about the fame of Yuet Lee as it was rated one of the city’s best seafood restaurants. Had I known that, I would have probably order seafood instead of ribs. Go figure. At least I know for next time.

Yuet Lee
1300 Stockton Str San Francisco, CA 94133

Genos Philly Steaks

There is a great debate among people who profess to be Philly cheesesteak aficionados- Geno’s or Pat’s. Located at opposing corners in Philly, it would be easy to buy from both and do a true taste comparison. Well I only had the opportunity to try one and it seemed to me that Geno’s restaurant looked better.

I had high expectations because the best Philly chicken cheesesteak (I know that for the purist, chicken does not count but beef turns my stomach) I ever had was in NY at 99 miles from Philly. It was so delicious, it was "This is the BEST" **drop mic** good. Period.

I say this to set up how I expected Philly to be able to do it better than NYC. After all, Philly cheesesteak started in Philly, right? First
of all, neither Geno’s or Pat’s had chicken. >>Picture my sad face<< They did have pork. Okay, I like pork so I began to perk up. When I
ordered, they asked me if I wanted cheese whiz. Maybe my taste buds are too refined, but I cringe at the thought of eating fake, plastic looking cheese. I pass on that unless I am ordering nachos at the bowling alley (tastes buds give me a pass on that one- that is just the way it is, I don’t make the rules).

When I got my sandwich, the first thing that I noticed was how soft the bread was on the inside. The bread was perfect for me. The meat, on the other hand, was very dry. I thought to myself, "Maybe that is why the people drown the sandwich in wiz, so as not to have all the moisture in their mouths absorbed by the dry meat." I added the sweet peppers (see picture) and that helped a little bit. In the end, I slathered a lot of ketchup on my sandwich to make it palatable. My friend had the Philly cheesesteak (made with beef) and she was not impressed either. She said the meat was dry to her.

Overall, I was disappointed. The bread was really good but could not make up for the overcooked, dried out pork. It is my opinion that the
meat should be the star of the sandwich and everything else should complement it. But I think that the great Philly cheesesteak debate
continues to rage on. And if I can get to Philly again, I want to try Pat’s. And in the meantime, I need to get to NYC for the best Philly
chicken cheesesteak EVER.