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Dr Naughty #romance #KU

Dr Naughty


I started partying on Friday. Saturday got kinda hazy.
And Sunday’ll cost me a million bucks to get back.
The good behavior clause in my contract wasn’t supposed to be real.
Just something to scare me straight.
Now the investors want to buy me out of my own company.
And the experimental cancer drug?
Yeah, they’ll cancel that too.
Yeah, messed up.
That’s where Diana comes in.
Sweet. Innocent. Pure.
And in one hell of a bind.
Lost her job, and her house isn’t far behind.
I can fix all that.
But it’ll take more than my magic ‘wand’.
And maybe Diana will fix me too…
I won’t just make her scream my name..
I’ll get her to call me Doctor.

James seems to be one of those genius research scientists who has no common sense. Although he seems to calm down once he and Diana get married.

While it was a quick, spur of the moment decision to help his reputation, they both had good intentions to see that their relationship was successful. Diana has financial and emotional issues but that does not prevent her from displaying her bigheartedness from the beginning.

I felt like the book’s title did not adequately describe it. He was not “naughty” to me. And the synopsis made it seem more salacious than it actually was. That was fine though because I was expecting him to be a jerk. What I found was that James was genuinely a good guy that made a lot of bad decisions.

That being said, by the end, you understand why James is the way he is and I think all the loose ends are tied up nicely.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BORROW. If you stick with it, there is a plot twist that helps to explain everything. It was entertaining, but I do not think it is worth $2.99.

Book details
Series: N/A
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 196 pages

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Review: Dirty Shame #romance #whattoread #bookaddict

Dirty Shame by Tess Oliver


Kellan is a coal miner.

Rylan is the daughter to a coal owner big wig.

In high school, they thought that they would stay together because they were in love. But something happened and Kellan treated her like the relationship was over. Then Rylan heard rumors that Kellan was cheating on her, and she was heartbroken.

Kellan and Ryland meet back up and the attraction is instantaneous. I wish they had had communicated more in the beginning. These needed to be a little more talking and less jumping in the bed with one another.

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Also, the backdrop for this story depressed me. It was such a sad town that was lacking in economic opportunities for the average person. The rich held all of the wealth with little regard to the poor people in their midst. Added to that, there was strict segregation of the two classes. The way that the author had of highlighting the socio-economical issues of this town, left me without any hope. Sure Kellan and Rylan will get together, but they are going to most likely struggle. A LOT. I know that I’m probably being a Debbie Downer right now. But whatevs.

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I might have liked the book better if by the end, Kellan was going to get another job. I understand that coal mining is a way to make an honest living. No one mentions that Kellan will probably get black lung or some other health problem associated with mining coal. Part of the happy ever after scenario should not include a shorten lifespan. Too much like real life.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BORROW. If you want real life, this is it.

Book details
Series: Bluefield Bad Boys
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 243 pages

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