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Pizza is best when it is Mellow

If you have not had the chance to visit a Mellow Mushroom restaurant, you are missing out on some very delicious pizza.

I cannot even remember the name of the pizza that I ordered, but it had so many tasty toppings and cost me close to $30. When you compare that to $8 Dominos or $5 Little Caesars pizzas, you might balk at the price. If you are feeding a group of people who don’t care about taste (i.e. teenagers or drunk people), stick with the cheap pizzas.

If the people eating are foodies (as I am) and appreciate quality ingredients, they will enjoy Mellow Mushroom.

The best part about this pizza is its crust. I don’t remember all what they do during the dough preparation, but it results in a tasty product. My pizza was loaded with toppings: black olives, green peppers, strips of bacon, tomatoes, pepperoni, and Parmesan cheese. As I type about it, I am transported to my Mellow Mushroom experience. ***eyes glaze over***

Granted, “delicious” does not come cheap at Mellow Mushroom but it is worth at least one try. Your taste buds will sing in delight.