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Foodie Friday: Weaverville NC restaurants

If you are ever in Weaverville NC, you might be surprised about the variety of restaurants. I know I was!

Hubby and I were in the small town to stay at a bed and breakfast establishment. Since Weaverville is about 15-20 minutes north of Asheville, we expected that we would make the drive for dinner each night. We were pleasantly surprised.

Wherever you go, everyone have a great selection of beers and ciders on tap.

Here were two of our favorites:

Blue Mountain

  • The pizza was delicious! Dough was on point! Perfect !!! There was a generous application of toppings.
  • Our server Lee made sure we had everything we needed. Even though they were super busy, we were checked on multiple times and our drinks were constantly topped off.

Tip: On weekends/holidays prepare for a wait. Even the locals are trying to get a table to eat here. This place is popular with everyone.

Twisted Laurel

  • The wings were good however the Buffalo or not spicy.
  • Our server was Taylor and was very attentive
  • The Caesar salad had good croutons but the Parmesan was out of a bottle.
  • The side salad was yummy minus the red onions.
  • Looking at other tables and their orders, the pasta looks good and the pizza looks great.


Pizza is best when it is Mellow

If you have not had the chance to visit a Mellow Mushroom restaurant, you are missing out on some very delicious pizza.

I cannot even remember the name of the pizza that I ordered, but it had so many tasty toppings and cost me close to $30. When you compare that to $8 Dominos or $5 Little Caesars pizzas, you might balk at the price. If you are feeding a group of people who don’t care about taste (i.e. teenagers or drunk people), stick with the cheap pizzas.

If the people eating are foodies (as I am) and appreciate quality ingredients, they will enjoy Mellow Mushroom.

The best part about this pizza is its crust. I don’t remember all what they do during the dough preparation, but it results in a tasty product. My pizza was loaded with toppings: black olives, green peppers, strips of bacon, tomatoes, pepperoni, and Parmesan cheese. As I type about it, I am transported to my Mellow Mushroom experience. ***eyes glaze over***

Granted, “delicious” does not come cheap at Mellow Mushroom but it is worth at least one try. Your taste buds will sing in delight.

The Mill House

To sum up the Greenwood SC restaurant The Mill House in 3 words: Brick Oven Pizzas

This place has the best pizzas because they cook them in a brick oven. The crust is a little chewy but also has a little crunch.

Pizza prices start at about $8 and toppings are $.85 each. The do have specialty pizzas that usually cost between $9 – 10 and have several toppings. Most of the time, I rather choose my own toppings.

You can choose the type of sauce for the pizza- the most common are the red sauce and the white sauce. I always get the red sauce. I tell them to put heavy sauce because they are light with the sauce usually. In addition to pepperoni, I also like bacon, prosciutto ham and black olives. When the mood is right, I might even order the barbecue chicken pizza.

They have some gourmet topping options too (like smoked salmon) if you are the adventurous type. For me, I don’t like to get too crazy with my topping choices.

For people who like beer, they have an extensive beer selection too. My friends have said that they really good beer choices especially some high gravity beers which seems to be all the rage these days.

Overall, it may seem that there is a lot of hype about this place, but that is only because they are so committed to doing a good job cooking pizzas.