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Italian in Savannah GA #FoodieFriday

This Foodie Friday is about a restaurant in Savannah GA.

Cuoco Pazzo
Cucina Italiana
606 Abercorn Str , Savannah GA

To be honest, the only reason why we pick this Italian restaurant in Savannah was because it was in walking distance from our bread and breakfast inn and we were hungry. We looked at their menu before hand. Hubs wanted spaghetti and meatballs and that should’ve been simple. I did not see simple spaghetti plate on the menu and Hubs pointed it out.

I said, “What Italian restaurant does not serve simple spaghetti with meat sauce? That is like Italian 101.”

Well I got my answer.
Cuoco Pazzo does not serve spaghetti and meat sauce or meatballs for dinner. They serve it at lunch, but not for dinner.
Talk about being annoyed.

I asked if we could order a side of spaghetti and a side of meat sauce. They only had marinara sauce. Not meat. Yeah, Hubs would not go for that.
I asked if they had angel hair pasta. The only two pasta options they had were spaghetti and pappardelle.

“Do we need more time before we order?” asked the server.

Absolutely. While my mind was still reeling from the fact that they do not have spaghetti and meatballs, we decided to order Capricciosa flatbread. This had tomato sauce, ham, artichoke, mushroom, and mozzarella cheese. Also to be noted, this was the only flat bread with meat.

At this point, the mood and our table was not good. Neither of us ordered what we really wanted and we were too hungry to go elsewhere.

We had an added complication: it was 7 PM on Christmas Eve. If we got in our car and drove around downtown Savannah who is to say anything else would even be open?

The server told us at the flatbread was “excellent” and “out of this world “. He even said it was the best he ever had because it was cooked in a brick oven.

The reality was that it was not that impressive to me. The middle of both of our flatbreads was soggy. Hubs ate the toppings only. I ate two of the four pieces, leaving some of the crust because it was too soggy and tasted like raw dough. The server asked if Hubs did not like his flatbread, and I told him the crust was soggy.

They offered to make a new flat bread for us to take. We said we did not want it, but they insisted.

TOW Final word: A lot of people were very satisfied with the food, but we wish we had had another option. I wish the kitchen could have been more flexible or at least offered more than the limited options for dinner. Service was great though. Check out their menu online and if it appeals to you EXACTLY as written, you will probably like this place.


Jazz’d Tapas Bar – Savannah GA

I had to go Savannah for a work conference and was looking for something different to eat. I wanted to go downtown because I figured that was the best area for a lot of different options. At the time it was raining, so walking around was out of the question. I searched on my phone for area restaurants and that is how I found Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Jazz’d Tapas Bar is in Savannah’s Historic District on Barnard St. The bar is below street level lending to the cool, jazzy vibe. Not the best choice since it was raining cats and dogs because there were giant puddles near their entrance. But once inside, the atmosphere put me in the mood to order food and a tasty drink. This was the ultimate jazz bar with jazz/blues music playing in the background.

The thing about tapas menus is that you are usually hungry and want to try everything. Most menu items were between $7 – 10 each. I splurged and ordered 3: pork empanadas with a tangy sour cream dip, crab cakes with a herbed remolade, and roasted chicken over corn relish. I could not eat all that I ordered, so I took what was left of my empanadas for a late night snack. Since I was living in the moment, I felt that I had to order a martini. It seemed like the sophisticated thing to do. I forgot to take of picture of it, but it was a delight for me taste buds as well.

Everything was really delicious. My favorite was the empanadas. The pork filling was flavored with BBQ spices. It was a fusion of Southern BBQ and Latin cooking style.

I read that Jazz’d has received awards for their food and swanky digs from Cosmopolitan Magazine, Southern Living, and Savannah Magazine. I have to agree the food and ambiance were on point. If you are ever in Savannah and want to visit an upscale restaurant for food and drinks, keep this Jazz’d Tapas Bar in mind. They change the menu every so often, so you might not be able to order the empanadas, but whatever you order, I can imagine that it will be delicious.