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-Letter R- Stavros Returns #tigershifter #IRromance #review @aprilAtoZ #atozchallenge

R is for Rose (
Dahlia Rose)

Army Beast Resurrection: Stavros Returns 

Although surviving an IED blast, Stavros, a tiger shifter, was severely wounded. He made his way to Alaska nursing these injuries. He does not contact his team because he thinks he is too damaged. While in Alaska, he meets Amari.

Amari is a fun loving sweet nurse falls hard for Stavros. She has to make him understand that she does not care about his scars. When Amari’s past threatened her life, Stavros needs to call his old team to help him before it is too late.

The story was the standard beauty and the beast trope.

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I thought it was entertaining even though the villain was super predictable. The story was short and not heavy on character development. The story was a standalone romance but I think if you read the other books in the series, it will help you understand Stavros’ character.

I did not read the other books, but I did think it was necessary for Stavros to swallow a lot of pride when he has to ask his brothers for help. I knew he would since that was essential to the plot.

The story loses a heart ❤️ because it could have benefited from an editor. A few examples include: Kindle location 469 (you’re and your) 758 (finding and funding) and 784 (in and on).

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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
Borrow. I think the story was too short and as mentioned the typos need to be corrected. This is a book I’m paying for, not a text message that I am trying to decipher.

Book details
Series: Army Beasts
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Print Length: 51 pages


-Letter N- Big Bear Daddy #bearshifter #romance @AprilAtoZ #atozchallenge

N is for Nowlan (Anya Nowlan)

Big Bear Daddy (Sweetwater Father Bears Book 1)



Jessy is looking for her sister and niece. Knowing that her sister has gotten into some trouble, she wants to help anyway she knows how. Her search leads her to Colt.

Colt is sheriff in the town where Jessy’s sister left her baby Lana. After fostering her for almost a year, he decides to adopt. Deciding it was best, Colt moves to Wyoming to live among his bear shifter clan to raise his daughter.


The story was basic. I think it was predictable. I figured out who was the villain before he was revealed in the story.

I felt like the story had an awkward quality as Jessy and Colt tried to figure out how they were going to proceed with custody of Lana. It is a good thing that they had enough chemistry to get together, instead of just hooking up.

I think the story would have benefited from more character development. Everyone seems bland and two dimensional.

I did not think that the bear shifter aspect added to the story. The author could have easily left that out and the story would have not been much different.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BORROW. I liked the story but something was missing for me to get excited about it.

Book details
Series: Sweetwater Father Bears
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 121 pages
Publication Date: November 3, 2016


Elephants Never Forget #review #shifterromance #paranormal

Elephants Never Forget: BBW Shapeshifter Romance (Safari Shifters Book 3) 


In this world, were-animal shifters are well known. There is not any conflict or animosity between were-animals and humans.

Branch is an elephant shifter living and working at a safari resort. He loves his bachelor life and is not looking for a mate.

Maura is vacationing at the resort where Branch works. It should have been her honeymoon, but her fiancé left her. Seeing her high school crush Branch, causes all kinds of emotions but she is conflicted about whether or not to act on them.

This book was lacking something for me. I was probably too excited to read it because it was an elephant shifter romance. I never read about an elephant shifter. I wanted it to be good. An ELEPHANT SHIFTER!!! I cannot convey exactly how much I wanted this story to work. Instead, it was okay. The word “corny” also comes to mind.

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It is hard to explain all the reasons for my lackluster feeling but it came down to this

The villain seemed more cartoonish than Wil e coyote.

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Branch goes from Mr Playa to Me-love-you-long-time in a matter of PAGES!!! Image result for you could say things are getting pretty serious gif

Let’s not forget that Maura was very recently dumped by her fiancé. She is most definitely on the rebound.Image result for slow down romeo

My biggest annoyance with this book is the title. I feel it was click bait. The title is “Elephants never forget”, BUT Branch the elephant shifter “couldn’t remember ever saying anything“ to Maura in high school.

“He was drawing a total blank” even though they were in the same graduating class.

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By that point, I was done. How can you have an elephant shifter, a title “Elephants Never Forget” and the elephant hero CANNOT REMEMBER the one girl from high school that he is supposedly madly in love with now.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
PASS. See above for my reasons. But if you read all of that and still want to read it, here is the link to borrow/buy.

Book details
Series: Safari Shifters
Print Length: 68 pages
Publication Date: August 18, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


When Time Stops #Dragon #Shifter #Romance #review

When Time Stops: Dragon Shifter Surprise Pregnancy Romance


Aeon is a time dragon living in France. His brothers tricked him out of protecting the family’s lair and treasure for the year. He decides he will use the time to travel. At his first stop, he visits on of the family’s many night clubs. He meets Isobel and they have a one night stand.

Isobel is on her honeymoon vacation minus the groom. He left her at the altar. She is determined to have some fun. The hot and heavy attraction with Aeon fits the bill. After their night of fun, Isobel is kidnapped and made the prize in a dragon tournament.

Aeon usually avoids these tournaments because he thinks they are too barbaric for modern times, but he enters because he feels that he owes it to Isobel to win her freedom.

This book brought the dragon heat early! From the moment they saw each other in the night club, I could feel the intensity of their connection radiate off the page.

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I still don’t understand how a time dragon can bend time, but it worked for the story.
Isobel held her own despite everything her narcissistic mother, philandering fiance, and the whole kidnapping ordeal with a lot of horny dragons drooling over her.

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All the dragon fighting brought a medieval vibe to the story even though it happened in modern era. Throughout the different challenges, nothing goes totally as expected. There were even a few plot twists that threw me for a loop.


Image result for mind blown
I am talking about things in addition to the surprise pregnancy. It is too cute when she tells him that she is pregnant. That makes me smile just thinking about it.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass
BUY. This book has everything for me. Love, action, dragons, strong heroine

Book details
Print Length: 405 pages
Series: Not that I could tell but I wish it was
Publication Date: August 14, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Alpha Geek #shifterRomance #amreading

Alpha Geek ♥♥♥

Scarlett is a lioness shifter and her lion says that Knox is her mate. The problem is that Knox is a human and Scarlett is afraid her lion will break his puny body.
When Knox is attacked and fighting for his life, a scientist injects him with a cocktail of alpha animal shifter DNA to try to save him. Not only does Knox survive, all his alpha animals agree that Scarlett is their chosen mate.

While I understand Scarlett’s hesitation for not wanting to mate with Knox before his change, I wonder how a human man/female shifter couple is any different from a shifter man/female shifter combination. It seems that shifter men don’t have any issue with choosing a human female. Thinking logically, it would seem that it should go both ways.
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Before the change, Knox was cute. After the change, Knox was HAWT!!! Plus his potty mouth had no filter as he described in detail what he wanted to do to Scarlett.
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The story had a few inconsistencies in the plot line and that is the main reason why I did not give it a 4th heart. For instance, I had a hard time picturing the whole scene leading up to Knox’s attack. For someone who had a lot of security, how were they able to get away with it without having any witnesses?
Plus, the villain was so predictable that I could not understand how Knox did not see that coming. As much of a genius as he was supposed to be, he was kind of dumb at times.
In the end, Scarlett ends up being the delicate one in the relationship because Knox is a strong multi-animal alpha.

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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY. Even with the plot issues and being a little corny at times, HOT ALPHA Knox’s dialogue makes up for it. I seriously had some weird (in a good way) dreams after reading this book.

Book details
Heat Level: Smokin with explicit language 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 115 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1537466178
Publisher: Latin Goddess Press Inc. (September 27, 2016)
Publication Date: September 27, 2016