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-Letter P – REKINDLED @AprilAtoZ #atozchallenge #firefighterromance

P is for Paige (Paige Tyler)

REKINDLED (Dallas Fire & Rescue)

Jax is a firefighter who just saves his best friend’s sister from a hotel fire. He thinks Skye is sexy but did not make a move because he fears what his best friend would do to him.

Skye is trying to start a new business in her hometown while trying to steer clear of her overbearing brother. She convinces Jax to help her when she needs a place to stay. While in close proximity, their emotions reveal feelings that they have had for each other for years but never before acted on them.

This is my kind of book! My favorite trope is friends to lovers!
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Jax and Skye were not besties, but friendly to each other. I still count this as a friends-to-lovers story because they knew each other for a long time before they got together. Plus they knew each other on a level outside of the romance. I believe this will contribute to a higher level of relationship success.

While I don’t mind violence (not gratuitous) in the story, I did not want Jax and Skye to have any conflict. The stalker aspect of the story was a bit over the top for me considering how sweet their love story was. I felt traumatized, like I had been the one kidnapped.
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Other than that, the story flowed well. Skye’s brother Dane was super protective, but knew when to back off. Once they got together, he was pretty accepting of their whole romance. I hope the author has plans to write his story in a future book. It will be on my TBR list.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY. Jax is a HOTTIE FIREFIGHTER. Need I say anything else?

Book details
Print Length: 167 pages
Publication Date: September 8, 2015
Series: Dallas Fire & Rescue
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥



-Letter H- Texas Wildfire (Texas Heroes book 1) #western #romance @aprilAtoZ #atozchallenge

H is for Hunter (Sable Hunter)

TEXAS WILDFIRE by Sable Hunter

Titan has been in love with his captain’s wife since he first saw her. He did not know she was married at the time. Once he found out, he made sure that he did nothing that might be perceived as improper. He is content to lover her from afar because he is too honorable to break up her marriage.

Makenna has no options. Her husband is abusive and she fears for her life. Everyone thinks that he is great which only exacerbates her isolation. What helps her cope is the fantasies she has about Titan, wishing she had married him instead.

When Titan finds out about her dire situation, it makes him wish that he had done something sooner.

I really liked this book because it addresses the number one question people ask a person in an abusive relationship: “Why did you stay?” This is a true to life situation.

Makenna thought she did not have any options and was resigned to being abused. She lived in her fantasy world because that was better than dwelling on the fact that she married a man with Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde persona.

There are 2 issues that I usually deduct points (1) being on the rebound (2) one of the main characters being legally married.

Technically I think that she is not on the rebound because she has not been in love with her husband for years. She would leave if she was not in total fear for her life.

Yes, on paper, she is still married, but considering he is trying to kill her, I did not penalize the story’s rating. Even with the budding emotional relationship, Titan and MaKenna were still respectful to the fact that she was married when it came to getting physical.

Overall, I am glad that Titan and MaKenna have a HEA, but I wish that her ex suffered more than he did. I hate bullies.

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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY! I think the author handled this topic in a very gracious way. All the while, she highlighted how domestic violence can occur and subtly emphasizes why victims need so much moral support instead of people turning a blind eye.

Book details
Series: Texas Heroes
Paperback: 252 pages
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


Handsomest man in the country

The Handsomest Man in the Country, #1 The Traherns: ♥ ♥ ♥


After the Civil War, Mallory is forced to go west when her parents died. Through a series of misfortunes, she is forced to marry Trahern. Since she had to marry out of necessity, there was not any attraction between the two main characters. In fact, Mallory initially described her husband this way, “I did never seen the back end of a mule as ugly as this man”. Trahern realizes that he is a man with not many options. He is, however, willing do what it takes so that Mallory does not regret marrying him.


This was a cute story about Mallory and Trahern getting to know each other after the forced marriage. I do not prefer stories told in the first person point of view, especially when the character is from a different era. Mallory talked and viewed the world like the backwoods, country girl she was. Some of her points of view were humorous, but at times it took me a minute to understand what she was talking about. This story was sweet enough to compensate for the fact it was told in first-person point of view.

As a novella, The Handsomest Man in the Country, #1 The Traherns is a short read for the afternoon or at the doctor’s office. The end is worth the purchase. If you do not mind first-person point of view novels, I would suggest this author’s series because I think they will all be very interesting.

To buy The Handsomest Man in the Country, #1 The Traherns  on Amazon click any of the links in this post


The title should be “Convincing Clay to learn how to trust”

Hailey Lambert needs a job so she can settle down. She does not know what she is getting into when she goes to the job interview for the business manager position at Clay Cardell’s ranch. Her mouthiness gets the best of her on more than one occasion, but that is not necessarily a bad thing considering Clay Cardell orneriness.

Clay does a good job trying to keep up his guard around Hailey because he has learned from experience that the people who are supposed to love you most often leave with a great deal of hurt and pain. Plus most women have an agenda to get what they want. Once the get it, they are done. No matter what Hailey did, he had to be put it all into context since she was foremost a woman.

As the reader finds out, the book gives some of the history that made Clay into the sad, lonely person he is the way he is. Constant emotional abuse is bound to leave lasting scars. Trouble is that those scars make it difficult for the person coming with true love to be accepted. So many times when Hailey would make progress, something would happen to plant another seed of doubt in Clay’s mind and have him questioning her motives all over again.

This story is about trust, patience, and the ability of love to heal invisible wounds. These are two imperfect, dysfunctional people who have enough in common with their core beliefs to make the relationship work. In the end, it is good for the both of them that Hailey did not give up on Clay because that would have made them both miserable. They were two of kind that were meant to be together.

That being said, this book is SUPER long. I read on my Kindle so I have no concept of book lengths these days. When I read a regular book, I average 100 pages a hour. I don’t know if that is speed reading but that is my average. When I started reading, Amazon said this book is about 400 pages. So I am thinking this would be about 4 hours of reading time. I ended up finishing 6+ hours later so I would estimate that the page count would be close to 600 pages. Unfortunately for me, I was reading this book on a work night and by the time the book got really interesting I should have been going to bed. It has always been hard for me to put a book down so close to the end, so I kept reading until I finished (late nights and early morning don’t mix well). So keep this in mind!  It is best to read this on a Saturday afternoon if you are like me and want to read the whole book in one sitting.

If you like Western romances, I suggest reserving the afternoon to read Taming Clay

***Additional side note*** there are quite a few f-b0mbs in this book, if strong language offends you. These are cowboys and cowgirls whose language can be coarse. Not everything will be “Aw shucks” and “Darn it”