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Hello, everyone! This is S. L. Saboviec, and I’m pleased to be a guest today on The Opinionated Woman. I’m author of the Adult Paranormal novel Guarding Angel.

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This blog is right up my alley—I certainly have a truckload of opinion, and today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the book Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. (The movie is another subject, which I won’t be covering today. Suffice it to say they went a different direction with it than the book.)

Starship Troopers by Robert HeinleinThis book was considered one of Heinlein’s most controversial works, but what stands out most is how well-crafted the main character, Johnnie, is. You know that ever-elusive thing called “voice?” This book has it. So much of it. Johnnie is raw and real and has a simple but interesting way of relaying the events of war. I felt like I was inside his head, experiencing everything along with him: the suddenness of death, the build-up of strength of body and mind, the horrors of facing a totally alien species.

But it’s not just voice. The book has tension, world-building, and plot developments that turn on a dime. I was in tears at the end of the first chapter, and I was hooked well before that as Johnnie tells about a high-stakes battle where he’s on the ground of an alien planet, shaking, shivering, yet ultimately defeating his enemies.

Still, there’s the controversial part.

For the first three-quarters of the book, the plot moves along at a good clip; however, by the end, Heinlein gets preachy. Earlier, he gives glimpses into his political and philosophical views on war. (In simplistic terms: war is necessary, sacrifice is vital, and military is the epitome of nobility.) He makes a good case, especially earlier when he’s gently introducing his concepts, but by the end, he stuffed a bunch of propaganda in that made me long for the first chapter. I agree with about seventy-five percent of what he’s saying, but it was overwhelming.

Perhaps that’s the controversial part. It’s not about what he’s saying but how he’s presenting it. The morality gets heavy-handed, and even someone like me who’s mostly on board with his arguments got antsy with his story-telling.

My opinion is that books should be about the story first and foremost. He started off strong, with a compelling character and fascinating situation. Rather than letting the story tell itself, he intruded with his own opinions.

But then again, he’s Robert Heinlein. He can—and did—get away with it.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Johnnie about his drill sergeant:

Starship Troopers - Favorite Quote

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Girl on the Train #thriller #suspense

The Girl on the Train



Set in one of the towns outside of London, Rachel has lost her job but she still takes the train into the city every day as if she were still working. As she passes one particular house, she makes up a story about the couple who lives there and their idyllic life together. In her mind, this couple is happily married in stark contrast to her own failed marriage.

When Rachel sees something that she thinks is relevant to the disappearance of the wife of the couple she has been watching from the train, she tries to help in the only way she knows how.


This is a thriller to the max. Some of the themes dealt with in this book: alcoholism, marital infidelity, domestic violence, and voyeurism. The story is told from 3 points of view: Rachel, Megan, and Anna.

None are particularly likable. Nor can they be trusted because they have warped views of reality.

In Rachel’s case, she is an alcoholic.

It is as if people can see damage written all over me, can see it on my face.

Megan and Anna are so self-absorbed and self-serving. They both liked being the center of attention.

I miss being a mistress…I never felt guilty” – Anna

While I can say that I did not like Rachel, I did feel sorry for her. I think that Rachel inserts herself in the mystery of Megan’s disappearance because she wants to do something positive as if to prove her worth.

Women are still only valued for 2 things – their looks and their role as mothers.”

Unfortunately, she is no Nancy Drew. When stressed, she drinks to dull the pain and ends up feeling worse than before. Oh Rachel! Let’s stay sober and focus!

This was a funny quote from the book –

How much better life must have been for jealous drunks before email and texts and mobile phones.”

When I thought I figured out who did it, I had to read the last chapter to be sure I had it right. I need to do that for my sanity.

I did have some questions at the end that I thought were not fully explained.

I wish I knew why Anna was the way she was. Also, I would have liked to understand why Rachel was so obsessively in love with Tom.

Overall, I enjoyed Girl on the Train. Other reviewers said this book was similar to Gone Girl. If it has not been for my book club’s choice for the month, I would not have read it. If you liked Gone Girl, but HATED the ending like me, then this book is for you. The writing is similar. It is similar how the characters are portrayed and the emotions they evoke. The ending is way better. You will feel less angry.


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There’s hashtag trending on Twitter called #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Well, there should also be a hashtag called #WeNeedDiverseBloggers because I can count on both hands the number of blogs there are that are run by women of color that blog about, feature, and review books written by black and other authors of color (although not necessarily exclusively). So, if you’re truly serious about diversity in romance, I’ve created a follow train. These are all good blogs with something to offer for everyone, and they deserve a shout out, but more importantly, they deserve  a follow. I’m referring specifically to “blogger” blogs and not author blogs (although I got love for y’all too). If I missed anyone, please leave them in the comments.

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Can’t Shake You should be Can’t Understand You #contemporaryromance

Can’t Shake You (River Bend, #1)


Carissa bought a house that she is remodeling to sell.

Josh is a contractor that helps Carissa after she fires her first contractor.

Carissa and Josh had a one night stand years ago, but decide that they cannot have a relationship now. Complicating things is the fact that Carissa dated Josh’s best friend. Plus Carissa’s best friend is marrying Josh’s brother.


I think that Carissa thought that what she had with Josh was never going to happen again and that is why she decided dating his best friend was a good idea. Not a choice I would have made, but I guess she realized that she did not have many options in a small town. It is still confusing why Josh was not an option for a relationship.

What I could not understand about this story

Josh’s hesitancy to tell his best friend about dating Carissa. It was not as if they were still dating. What kind of ridiculous “I got dibs on her” type of childish nonsense was that? Josh and Carissa were sneaking around so that they could hide their relationship from one person. The way they were carrying on, it was as if one of them was married.

What really annoyed me about this story

Carissa’s best friend kept pushing her to sleep with guys as if she needed to be in a relationship to be happy.

Overall, this book was not the best, but was not the worst. The villain did not seem to have a decent grasp on reality. What stalker is a sane person? Josh’s reason for not making their relationship public was borderline ridiculous to me. But in the end, they get together and all loose ends are neatly tied up.

Should you buy? Yes as a time filler for an afternoon or while travelling, but do not pay more than 99cents (last I checked, it was free on Amazon)

Book details from Amazon

Print Length: 326 pages
Publisher: Molly McLain (February 21, 2014)
Publication Date: February 21, 2014

Finding #Love during #MardiGras is a sure thing #harlequinromance

No Time Like Mardi Gras (One Night in New Orleans)


Jamie just moved to New Orleans and is experiencing her first Mardi Gras. Colin is a computer programmer who meets Jamie at a bar while helping out his friend the bar owner. After she accepts his offer to show her around Mardi Gras, passions were high fueled by their instant attraction. Plus Mardi Gras licentiousness stoked their simmering flame into a combustible event.

Alas, at the end of the night they get separated.

Knowing nothing more than first names, it was difficult for either party to follow up on the one night stand.

Colin’s ex-girlfriend helps him find Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie, recently out of a very traumatic breakup with a sports celebrity, cannot decide if she wanted to be found or not.

They navigate their way through the relationship, dealing with ex’s and insecurities. In the end, they discover what is important while confessing their love for each other.



This is one of those cotton-candy-types of romances. Sweet. Light. Fluffy.

The characters were amusing. I loved Colin. He was a cutie and a nurturer. Not my usual surly hero but a Prince Charming. At least he was a gamer computer programmer. I am more of a geek than jock girl.

However, I thought Jamie was overly neurotic. I know that she has reason considering she went from riches to rags plus no friends when she broke up with her sports celeb boyfriend. But get over it already! It was like she wanted to move on but could not.

Plus she had an annoying habit of micro-analyzing Colin as if he was just like her jerk ex. Since she was fresh out of a relationship, she should have taken it more slowly with Colin. Or at the very least, she should have been more open about (1) why she is relationship shy and (2) what drama she was still dealing with.  It is exasperating that she wanted a relationship with Colin but wanted to shut him out at the same time. No wonder, he did what he did (not excusing him but saying I understand his frustration).

I thought the book happened all in one night/weekend. I was prepared to scoff at the early protestation of love. That was not the case. A plus in my book.

Overall, this is light fantasy romance reading. Series of very fortunate coincidences and they end up with a HEA.

This book in real life: two people have a one night stand during Mardi Gras never to see each other again even though they live in the same city. THE END

Should you buy? Even as annoyed as I got with Jamie, I think there were enough good points about this story to recommend reading. For the most part it is a predictable Harlequin romance.