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OMG Krispy Kreme donuts

The other day, I mentioned to hubby that I wondered how long it would be before I see some definition in my abs considering I have been exercising very regularly since the beginning of January. He said that I would not see much if I kept sucking down donuts and milkshakes (his exact words).

I had to laugh.

To anyone reading this, you probably think he was not speaking with enough tact. But in his defense, I enlisted his help when I decided to get on the healthy foods band wagon to cut my diet of the fried foods and unnecessary fats to lose those few unwanted pounds. Hubby did not see that I had a weight problem, but if I put him on the job, he takes it seriously.

So when I do a major U-turn across 4 lanes of traffic at 9 at night because I see the HOT sign at Krispy Kreme come on, he tries to be the voice of reason.

Hubby: "How many calories in that donut?"
Me: "Not too many. Plus I exercised yesterday."

Hubby: "Humph. I don’t know why I bother."
Me: "Chill. One donut won’t make a difference."
***cue his glare of disapproval with lips tightly pressed together as if he does not have permission to speak freely***

I don’t have to explain the allure of a HOT Krispy Kreme donut to anyone who lives in the South. The donut is soft like air. The glaze is sweet but not overly so. And in, what seems like two seconds or three bites, it is gone. All that is left is to savor the residual glaze on my fingertips, my memories, and an empty plastic bag.

Hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts are the only food that I will admit that I think might have actually inhaled. One time I was on my 3rd donut when I realized how many I had already eaten. I put the half of donut down and had to go sit down to think about what just happened (So this is what addiction feels like). And it is only the FRESH glazed donut that has the effect on me. They have other flavors, but none are as enticing as the simple glazed donut. And they say you can put the donut in the microwave for 20 seconds and it tastes the same. I don’t think so. It’s hot off the assembly line through the glaze shower or nothing for me.

Now I only buy one Krispy Kreme donut at a time. It is my form of portion control. Since I am usually finished eating my donut before I have left the parking lot of the Krispy Kreme, I do have to force myself not to turn around and buy another one. But knowing that hubby is already glaring at me is usually deterrent enough.


Cupcake collection – Nashville TN

Cupcake Collection in Nashville TN

I like sweets. I especially like cupcakes. Even though I like sweets, I am still really picky. I don’t like just any type of cupcakes. They have to be done very well. There is two parts to a delicious cupcake. (1) the cake part (2) the frosting. If either part is not done well, it can spell disaster.
Yes. I know this is a first world problem – to have a cupcake you do not like, but that’s the way it is.
My friend told me that the best place for cupcakes in Nashville was Cupcake Collection. Of course, that means I have to go!
When I entered the Cupcake Collection, after inhaling the wonderful fragrances of the bakery, I looked around for any indication of the cost of the cupcakes. I could not find prices listed anywhere so I assumed that these cupcakes were three dollars. At the most $2.50 maybe (if I was optimistic)? So I only ordered two. To my surprise the price was less than $4. My eyes widened as I did the quick mental math. Cheaper than I thought. Instead of doing a dance to celebrate my good fortune, I decided I was going to get more cupcakes. Might as well make it an even six.

In my head, I was dancing.

  • Coconut cream with key lime frosting – it had a coconut cream custard in the center! I was not expecting that, and I usually do not like cream filled anything, but this cream was so good. It was had a light coconut flavor. It was the consistency of cold vanilla pudding. When I bit into the cupcake the cream did not ooze out and make a mess. The tart sweet key lime frosting complimented the light sweet of the cake and coconut cream.
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – this was good but did not have as much carrot pieces or walnuts as Hey Cupcake. However, it was still a worthy contender for carrot cake.
  • Yellow cake with buttercream frosting – This was the best yellow plain cake cupcake that I had. So simple and sweet.
  • Sweet potato with cream cheese frosting – this was good almost like a muffin instead of a cupcake. I could eat this for breakfast everyday if I lived in Nashville.
  • Coconut cream with cream cheese frosting – More of the coconut cream custard in the center. More yum-yum.
  • Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting – I could tell this was the REAL deal red velvet cake and not some white cake with red food coloring. The flavors were rich and complex as only a true red velvet cake can be.

And I feel like a little piggy telling you this but I ate all six of them. I could not help myself. They were THAT good. And then I was sad that they were gone and Nashville is 6 hours away.

Sweet 16th a bakery – Nashville TN

Sweet 16th a bakery – Nashville TN
I found out about this bakery from a foodie friend. He posted pictures to his profile and I knew that the next time I was in Nashville, TN I had to go.
When I entered Sweet 16th bakery, I was ecstatic. I wanted to sing. I wanted to order one of everything. Realistically, I knew I could not do that because I would weigh 500 pounds if I ate everything I saw.
In the end I settled for some macaroons, an apple crisp bar, and something called heavenly scones. These scones were definitely heavenly. A touch of sweetness and not overly crumbly. I ate them with strawberry jam and it was delicious. The apple crisp bar had a thick cookie-like crust with apples and granola and brown sugar on top. The macaroons were as you would expect. These were coconut version, not the fancy colorful French macaroons that you see everywhere now. Full of coconut flavor. They were tasty as well.

Best of all was the price. Everything was super cheap in my estimation. I think that when I see food of this caliber, I immediately expect to pay Panera/Atlanta Bread Company prices (If you don’t understand the reference, you can spend close to $10 easy for pastries/bread/sandwiches for one at those aforementioned places).

Sweet 16th has become one of my go-to bakeries when in Nashville.
My advice to you: Order your goodies. Order a cup of tea or coffee. And you are set for the morning.

Hey Cupcake – Austin TX

Hey Cupcake – in a food truck park on Congress in Austin Texas
If you have not figured out by now, I love desserts especially cupcakes. When I was in Austin Texas I saw this on the converted it into a food truck selling cupcakes. I had to have one of course.

Of all the flavors, carrot cake cupcakes stood out the most for me. I used a couple of factors in determining my choice.

  • The difficulty or time involved for me to make myself. I like to bake so I know what goes in to baking a cake. So if I am going to buy a cupcake I like to choose flavors that are very complex and would require more time and effort for me to make myself.
  • The availability in my home town. There are several bakeries in my hometown that also serve cupcakes. If I’m going to buy a flavor of cupcake, I wanted to be something that I cannot readily purchase in my hometown.

So that being said, any time I can get a carrot cake cupcake I’m going to try that one (I don’t like spending all that time shredding carrots).


This carrot cake cupcake was so delicious. It had large pieces of walnuts in its which made me so happy. The cake was moist and full of carrot pieces which provided a rich flavor. The cream cheese frosting was also very tasty. It was super creamy with a consistency of room temperature butter. This was quite possibly one of the best carrot cake cupcakes that I have ever had. I did not ask the food truck vendor for the recipe for the cupcake (I think that would have been rude to ask for the recipe at a restaurant since they might think you want to make at home instead of buying from them) but the cake tasted very similar to a recipe that I downloaded from food network’s website. It was an Emeril’s carrot cake recipe.

Final verdict: When I am in Austin Texas again, I definitely have to stop by Hey Cupcake for more delicious treats.