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Foodie Friday- Moho Chocolate #Belize #MohoChocolate



Moho Chocolate

Fort Street Tourism Village Belize City

I have seen Moho Chocolate mentioned on Tripadvisor and other forums as a place to visit while in Belize City. Moho Chocolate is made with organic cacao grown in the Moho River valley in southern Belize. In the store, they explain the chocolate making process. But I feel that they are more about selling chocolate than they are about explaining how it is made.

They sell chocolate bars (a little bigger than Hershey size) for $7 USD. They also have truffles, brownie mix, chocolate scrubs, and other products made with chocolate. I bought a mix to make my own kaluha. Now I need a bottle of vodka to mix with it.

There is a “Make your own chocolate” bar also. You can have up to 3 toppings and you make 3 bars for $20 USD. Some of the topping choices include: coconut, granola, oreo cookies. I did not do this because there were not many toppings to choose and the ones they had did not seem to mix for my tastes.

I did try a sample of ginger dark chocolate. It was very good. I do not know why Belizean chocolate is not more well knowing and popular.

Overall, I like Moho. I do not understand why more people do not know about Belizean chocolate. It tastes good to me. I think it is better than Hersey’s (which I know to true chocolate aficionados that is not saying much). Hopefully the organic chocolate market will grow in the future to allow the farmers to continue supporting their families.

If you want to go and you are staying in Belize, find out when the cruise ships are in port. The Fort Street Tourism Village will be open then. Also, bring ID as they only let tourists into the facility (not for locals).


Photo Blogging #Challenge May 2015 theme: #Spring #photoblog

May 2015

May’s theme for the photo blogging challenge hosted by http://hoohaablog.com was Spring.

I did a lot in the month of May. So again, the hardest part about this was deciding which pictures to use. Enjoy! I welcome your comments 🙂

Photo #1
Every May, there is a golf tournament that is held in our community. It is part of the Symentra tour and the ladies participate to be able to get a card on the LPGA tour. I volunteer for help because it is a fun event. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to local non-profits that promote women’s health issues. I worked at the scoring tent and was able to meet the golfers as they were finishing their round. Since they were finished for the day, they were more relaxed and talked more freely.


Photo #2
We went to Belize for a family reunion. My grandmother was born in Belize City and wanted us to get to know our extended family still living there. It was an awesome trip (future post about that). This is a view at the pool at our hotel Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. Great hotel! I enjoyed taking in some sun. When it got too hot, I would dip into the pool.  🙂


Photo #3
My aunt and I went to Caye Caulker to go to the beach. This is a picture of sand on one of the tables that was at a restaurant. The table was in the water with an umbrella. We had our drinks while enjoying being in the water at the same time.  I really liked the color contrast of the sand and the table, so I took the picture.


Photo #4
On Memorial day weekend, the hubs and I went camping. This trip was planned since January so that we could get the spot we wanted at the campground. We went fishing. This is the first time for me in the last 20 years. I could this little bugger. He ate my worm but was too small to keep. We threw him back.


Photo #5
On the same camping trip, we went for a nature hike. This was one of the views we saw. The lake has only been in existence for about 40 years when the dam was built. The dead trees shown were there before the area was flooded and turned into a lake. I did not know that. Hubs explained the history. Random thought: I love the sky in this picture.


BONUS picture!!!
This is a picture of our glowing campfire coals. I am mesmerized by hot coals because you can see the heat emanating from them. Plus, I want to touch even though I know it would burn my skin off.


I had a fun month and cannot wait to see what June will bring 🙂

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