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Save me from the Billionaire

The Billionaire’s Salvation:: (The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Max) ♥♥♥


Max is a billionaire whose wife Mia was missing in what appeared to be a drowning. Two years later, Mia reappears. However, because of a head injury, she has amnesia. Max is not leaving her side. He is ecstatic to have a second chance with his wife who was thought to be dead. Mia wants to remember what happened so that she can figure out what happened to her during the two-year disappearance.


Ummm. The plot to this story was more convoluted than I usually have patience for. I gave this book a lot of leeway because I liked the first two books in the Billionaire’s Obsession series.

Before the disappearance, Max thought his love for Mia was too intense. Not wanting to overwhelm her, he reigned in his true emotions. That only made him seem more distant. The more “distant” he became, the more Mia tried to change to what she thought he wanted her to be so that he would stay. The more she changed, the more Max tried to stay away since he thought he was loving her too much. It was a vicious cycle.

 Max- “I’ve always adored you, but I’m not sure we ever really knew each other.”

Yeah. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Now that Max has her back in his life, he is determined to let her know how he really feels. Of course, there were the usual “You’re mine” and “You belong to me“declarations all throughout the book. He cannot be obsessed if he does not definitively make his claim. However, I cannot explain why his declarations were lacking something. I did not have the same warm fuzzy feeling as with Sam and Simon. I think the main reason is because, other than the fact that he was adopted, he had no real problems in his childhood. Why does he have issues? What did he have to overcome to find love?

Then book got sappy with all the times they said “I love you”.

It might be a big surprise to you, but I am not a romantic. If the couple realizes early in the book that they are in love, I need for them to have major conflict for the rest of the book to help them understand that their love is real without a doubt. In this case, they were so in love the whole book with no real conflict. Real conflict , in my opinion, is not easily resolved with communication.

The whole book could be chalked up to a major misunderstanding.

Side point #1: It seemed Max’s frequent use of profanity did not fit his personality. I thought it was unnecessary.

 Side point #2: Mia got on my nerves. Considering she was a victim of domestic violence from a previous relationship, I tried to be understanding. But it got to a point where I thought she was being totally ridiculous.

 Overall, I did not think The Billionaire’s Salvation was as good as the first two in the series. I will continue reading the series because I love, love Sam and Simon. I will probably read any book where they make an appearance. I must say that I am looking forward to Travis’ story because he seems to have what it takes to be another one of my dreamy book boyfriends.

Should you buy? Since this was my least favorite of the series so far, probably not. If you have Amazon Prime borrow it.


Billionaire with so much heart

Heart Of The Billionaire: : (The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Sam)♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Maddie is a doctor and the best friend of Kara from Billionaire’s Obsession. She is working a full-time job and operating a free clinic. Since Kara is marrying Sam’s brother, Simon, Maddie has to have some interaction with him. She tries to remain cordial and keep her emotional distance so he does not break her heart again. It does not help that he was her first love and she is still attracted to him.

In Billionaire’s Obsession, Sam is the older brother but the focus was on the trauma that Simon endured as a teenager. Heart Of The Billionaire, the focus is on Sam. He has his own scars and traumatic childhood stories. One thing is certain. He still has feelings for Maddie. He knows she hates him which dooms him to a life of loneliness. However, when the opportunities arises, Sam makes his move to make up for the lost time that Maddie was not in his life.


In Kara’s story, I got glimpses of the history between Maddie and Sam, but was not sure what to make of it. Sam never said a bad word about Maddie but she called him “snake” and “man-whore”. It was easy to know who broke who’s heart.

I have not decided who I like more: Sam or Simon? After reading Kara and Simon’s story, I thought that an alpha male could not be any more infuriating. Enter Sam. He has a take-all sort of attitude. Maddie haunted Sam’s thoughts for years after they separated. During all that time, he has remained convinced that Maddie belongs with him. He gave up his chance years ago, but is not making that mistake a second time. He has a heavy-handed approach to matters that was humorous to me. On several occasions he told Maddie that they were getting married and she would remind him that he had not asked. It was funny because he could not understand why his business-like methods were not working to get her to do what he wanted her to do. Even Simon was giving him advice that he might not be using the best approach.

Sam: “I am marrying her. I already told her that.”
“Uh…did you actually ask her?” Simon inquired uneasily
Sam: “Nope…”

Maddie is more cautious. She is not going to let herself get hurt but she still has feelings for him.

She is trying to resist but he has his ways of being persuasive ***wink wink***

Kissing Sam was like putting a flame to gasoline, the ignition was almost immediate and white-hot.

Despite the amazing chemistry, I like that she was not head-over-heels gaga for him. The first time that Sam brought up marriage, she slapped him. Priceless. You go girl. When Sam explained everything, she did not automatically believe him either. I would have thought it was cheesy if she went from “I hate your guts” to “I love you so much” in an afternoon. Little by little, she was able to understand what was going on and why he did what he did. While she was understanding, she did not become a pushover. I love that about her character. She might love him, but she was not going to do what he said just because he demanded it. It does not matter if she really wants to do it. It’s the principle. Yea, I would be am that stubborn too.

At the heart of it, it is a sweet story. Sam is a lovable ultra alpha-male who has secrets that create his insecurities. He is trying to work past them and go for what he wants. Maddie has her own insecurities to battle against. They are two imperfect people who realize they are right for each other. At least they had open communication so there were only a few misunderstandings. Everything is cleared up in the end.

You probably have all sorts of questions- If he loved her so much, why did they break up? Usually I am all for spoilers, but this is one that you have read.

However, this story is VERY graphic (even more than Kara & Simon’s story) and contains explicit language. If that is not for  you, then send me a message and I will explain to you how the book ends.

I wholeheartedly agree with the author’s note: This novel is the complete story of Sam and Maddie, but reading The Billionaire’s Obsession – The Complete Collection (Simon and Kara’s story) first is highly recommended to enhance your reading pleasure.

These two books that I have read by author J. S. Scott have been delightful. I am not one usually to like such obsessive heroes, but for these stories, it works! I love these characters. I cannot wait to read more from this series.

If you like Fifty Shades of Gray, then read this

In my opinion, these are all one heart stories. I know that other people might have a different view. The main reason why I did not like these stories is because I am not into the extreme dom/sub behavior. I do not understand the desire to be totally controlled, punished, humiliated all in the name of love? It is not that I am totally against soft bondage per se (difference between silk ties and handcuffs) in a storyline, but the dom’s attitude has a lot to do with how it colors the whole story. The commanding do-what-I-tell-you-to-do attitude is a major turn off. In my view, physical violence has no place in a healthy loving relationship.


Yes, Mr. Collins (Natasha and Mr. Collins) ♥ by Anna Antonia (writing as Charlotte deCorte):

Synopsis from Amazon: Brilliant, yet demanding, billionaire boss Mr. Collins will stop at nothing to get his assistant Natasha Reynolds.

Opinion: Natasha should have sued Mr Collins for creating a hostile work environment and for sexually harassing her. Part of the time, I think he forced her into do things because he was her boss. In some twisted way, the author wants to reader to believe his controlling attitude was supposed to turn her on.

Heidi and the Kaiser (Alpha Boss Secretary Office Romance) ♥ by Selena Kitt:

Synopsis from Amazon: When wanna-be designer Heidi accidentally stains fashion mogul Warren Kaiser’s pants, she gets two things she didn’t expect.

Opinion: Kaiser was a supreme TOOL and JERK. Heidi needs her head examined to be for not filing a law suit. Seriously!?!? Why is she willing to do whatever he asks her to do even when her conscious tells her otherwise? Kaiser became her pimp and she was his number one ho. That is not romance.

What He Wants (A sexy New Adult romance) (My Alpha Billionaire) ♥ by Tawny Taylor

Synopsis from Amazon: Billionaire Shane Trant always gets what he wants. He wants Bristol Deatrich, but only complete possession .

Opinion: I read some other books by Tawny Taylor and I was not prepared for the way the story developed. Thankfully in this book, this was not a boss/employee unhealthy relationship. But it was creepy story to me for other reasons. Shane was a friend of the family years ago. She used to call him “Uncle”. Now that she is “all grown up”, he is going to make a move? But he wants to know if she is trust him enough to be his sub. He has an entire room with devices dedicated to him twisted desires. All that was going through my mind was wondering if he lusted after her before he lost contact with her family. She would have been underage and he would have been a perv.


Why did I choose these books? I was on a billionaire romance kick, and bought all of these in addition to some others. I was looking for light cheesy romances. These were some of the darker, twisted ones that I skipped through most of the book because I was not entertained. These were more about sex than romance. It is not that I do not like a good, steamy love scene, but I want there to be more to the story than that.

I do realize that other readers (especially those who loved Fifty Shades of Gray) will probably give these 5 hearts for being steamy billionaire romances.

A kiss leads to marriage

Trapped Into Marriage ♥♥♥♥


Keyonna is a successful professional woman who is trying to convince her ex-boyfriend that she is no longer interested in him. To prove her point, she makes a big deal about kissing Nick. This sets into motion a series of events she did not expect.

Nick has a deadline to get married or lose his billionaire status. When Keyonna’s kiss ruins his current fiancée choice, he tells Keyonna she has to marry him instead. While this started as somewhat of a business transaction where he had to strong arm her into agreeing, it becomes evident that Nick is falling hard.  He has got to make Keyonna believe that he wants a real marriage.

Nick is the typical jaded alpha-males that are usually are in billionaire romances. It is his belief that all women are out to get married to the man with the most money. While reading, I thought “the bigger the chip on their shoulder, the harder they fall in love”. And he fell hard.

Keyonna is not one to ignore the major, sizzling chemistry between her and Nick. Although, realistic insecurities surface when she thinks about how different her and Nick are, especially since they did not marry for love. The incident at the wedding had me cheering for Keyonna even though I am usually a big advocate of open communication.

Both Keyonna and Nick needed to go through some major changes to understand what they had and be able to appreciate finding their soul mate. There were several villains who were jealous of their relationship and tried to sabotage everything. But in the end, it was a happy ever after story.

Why I LOVED Trapped Into Marriage? The epilogue. PERFECT. It fast forwarded the story 5 years and showed a happy couple living a happy married life. So sweet!!!! I said “Awwww” and “Ooooo” so many times. As a side note, I did not know this was a interracial couple when I read the book. It did not matter because race did not play a role in the story to me. But thinking about it, I bet their babies were super cute.

Buy this book Trapped Into Marriage!!!!



The divorce party is neither a party or a divorce- Discuss!

The Divorce Party (Harlequin Presents) – ♥♥♥♥

Lilly wants a divorce. Riccardo is of the opinion that they are married and should just work out whatever problems they have. He has the right idea but with all the tact of a bull in a china shop. Needless to say, Lilly does not take too well to being railroaded.

I thought another name for this book could have been: Billionaire Romance – The rest of the story.

The sequel to the fairytale romance is called reality. He uses his money to wine, dine and sweep this girl off of her feet. Then daily life sits in. It is not all about wining and dining when he has to go to work. He might be the CEO of a successful billion dollar company, but it will not stay that way unless he goes into the office.

Sometimes it seems that love is not enough. Lilly and Riccardo had a whirlwind romance.

However, when it is time to live normal life, they have problems.

Plus, both of the characters had internal issues that they needed to resolve before there could be success in the marriage. In short, two people from dysfunctional families will experience some form of culture shock in what they consider to be a “healthy relationship”. Just because two people fall madly in love, this does not necessarily mean they will have a happy ever after ending.

The characters to this story were not one-dimensional. Lilly’s insecurities and Riccardo’s imperfections cause their personalities to the leap off of the page as if they were real people. Both had preconceived notions of what they thought the relationship would be like, but their partner did not meet their expectations. Since Riccardo was extremely arrogant, he did not question the fact that his will would always be done in the relationship.

The question was not if he loved her, it was could keep her?

They might love each other, but are they right for each other?

I loved The Divorce Party (Harlequin Presents) because it validates all the things that I have been saying about some of the love at first sight romance stories. The two people need to have a connection and a lot of common ground. A torrid love affair in which they spend more time in the bed than they do actually talking to each other means they’re probably not going to be together for very long.


The Divorce Party (Harlequin Presents) was a great story with great emotional characters. Buy this book!

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.