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Photo Blogging Challenge: Liquid #photoblog

The theme for October’s photo blogging challenge hosted by http://hoohaa.com/ was LIQUID. I tried to find cool, different pictures that fit the theme.

Without further ado, here are my pictures on the theme.

Photo 1

This is my friend’s fancy espresso and cappuccino machine. One Saturday we were all together and as everyone was drinking their coffee, I decided to spotlight the machine that made it all possible 🙂

Photo 2

After watching a video on Facebook, I made a face serum with the recipe that was featured in the video. The ingredient Blue Tansy gives it its vibrant color. I have been using it daily and my skin seems softer because of it. Plus, it was really easy to make.

1.5 oz rose hip oil & .5 oz jojoba oil

20 drops each essential oil Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood

Photo 3

I had to go on a business trip and stayed at a Embassy Suites. I love that they have complimentary drinks during their Happy Hour. I ordered a vodka cranberry so that I could get my Vitamin C.

Photo 4

My business trip destination was San Francisco. Of course, I had to get a picture of the San Francisco bridge. It is so peaceful to sit at the park at look out over the water. However, I could not stay long because it got chilly. That wind is something else!

Photo 5

At an art event that I attended, there was a potter spinning clay. It was mesmerizing to watch her mold the clay with her hands, adding drops of water at the right time. What started as a lump of clay became the vase you see in the picture. I am planning to take her class because I want to learn how to make pottery.

Check out the website to see the other bloggers’ submissions and interpretations of this theme.

To quote another blogger GeoKs

While you’re there, please consider joining us next month! Participation is like taking on a low-stress photo assignment, which you can use to refine your photography skills. Any camera will do: your phone, a pocket-sized point and shoot, the DSLR that’s been gathering dust somewhere or a film camera. For each month’s theme, you’re asked to share five photos; the amount of accompanying text is up to you.