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Her Cyborg Awakes #ScifiRomance review

Her Cyborg Awakes (Diaspora Worlds Book 1)4heart


Sabralia is one of the many wives contracted to the emperor. As one of the wives, she had a personal cyborg who helped her bath, get dressed, and ready for functions that required her attendance.  While she did not treat her cyborg as her sex slave, she allowed herself to fantasize about him.

He was a machine, of course, but his body was a man’s, fit and smooth skinned.”

After an attack on the planet, Sabralia is forced to flee with her cyborg Qy.

Kaistril (cyborg Qy) has been the personal cyborg of Sabralia for more than 2 years. After the attack on the planet, he begins to remember his life before being programmed as cyborg. More than just a high-ranking officer, he was a good-looking, virile man.


After first reading this book, I gave it 3 hearts, but I kept coming back to read it because I loved the story. So, I had to up my rating to 4 hearts.

Sabralia is a woman in bad situation and she knows she wants more out of life but cannot get it. Given as a wife to a dictator for treaty purposes, she tries to keep a low profile to prevent anyone physically assaulting her. She has a serious crush on her cyborg but she does not act on it because it would not be the same as if he was a real man.

Then he is a real man.

Years of wanting her cyborg to be a man, not a cyborg, made her weak.”

Meanwhile, Kaistril knows what he wants and he likes what sees. He can remember what he saw while he was a cyborg and knew that he had bathed her.

All those months in the bath teased him, ratcheting up his desire.”

He thought it would be as simple as  “We will sate each other, put those longing to rest…”

He should have known that he would be hooked.

I think the overall reason why I liked this book is because Sabralia was not a weak woman. She seemed like it in the beginning; but, really she was a woman resigned to her fate. When things changed, she regained her self-esteem and took control of her destiny. She did not sit around waiting for the hero to save her all the time. She did what she could to be a supportive partner. I can appreciate that in the heroine’s character. At the end of their adventure, they are together for their HEA.

Should you buy? Yes. I have the rest of the series on my TBR list.

Book details from Goodreads

Kindle Edition, 85 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 by Grand Street Publishing (first published February 1st 2009)

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Cyborgs need love, they just do not know it yet

C791: Cyborgs: More Than Machines ♥♥♥♥



X109GI (named Joe) is a cyborg being held by the military. There is a war going on that began when the cyborgs decided that did not want the military to tell them what to do. Their free will from when they were 100% human was reawakened but the military wants to silence them as if they are just robots that need to be shut down.

While incarcerated, Chloe is assigned to collect body specimens from Joe. At times, Joe seems really human. Though Chloe cannot stop herself, she begins to have feelings for him. Logically, Joe does not understand how Chloe causes him to react irrationally. Maybe his humanity is not all lost.


When I think “cyborg”, I think of “resistance is futile” from Star Trek: Next Generation. In this book, the military implants electronic chips and nanobots in humans to cause them to be more like bionic, super soldiers.

Joe is hot, buff, and super sexy. His logical brain makes him say some outrageous things at times. Good thing that Chloe does not hold it against him. While he is not that great when it comes to speaking with tact, the robotic side of him is good when it comes to memorizing how to pleasure his lady.

The twist the author put in the story at about 65% was TOTALLY unexpected. Loved it. I was screaming “WHAT? REALLY? OMG!”

I am not usually one who always appreciates a twist in a story, but this one was so unexpected and a delight at the same time. While I was in shock, I also wondered why didn’t I see that coming.

Overall, the steamy cyborg love scenes are more human than robotic. I like Joe’s alpha male struggle to come to terms with his ability to love even though he did not think it was possible. Chloe was a strong woman dealing with facts that challenged all her preconceived notions about what was true. Together they made a good team against the villainous military that threatened to strip people of their humanity and lives of those they deemed undesirable.

After reading C791: Cyborgs: More Than Machines, I was so pumped for the next in the series. I want all these hunky cyborgs to meet their love match.

Caveat: This book does have some graphic language and love scenes. Since he is a cyborg, he has robotic like stamina.