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Her Cyborg Awakes #ScifiRomance review

Her Cyborg Awakes (Diaspora Worlds Book 1)4heart


Sabralia is one of the many wives contracted to the emperor. As one of the wives, she had a personal cyborg who helped her bath, get dressed, and ready for functions that required her attendance.  While she did not treat her cyborg as her sex slave, she allowed herself to fantasize about him.

He was a machine, of course, but his body was a man’s, fit and smooth skinned.”

After an attack on the planet, Sabralia is forced to flee with her cyborg Qy.

Kaistril (cyborg Qy) has been the personal cyborg of Sabralia for more than 2 years. After the attack on the planet, he begins to remember his life before being programmed as cyborg. More than just a high-ranking officer, he was a good-looking, virile man.


After first reading this book, I gave it 3 hearts, but I kept coming back to read it because I loved the story. So, I had to up my rating to 4 hearts.

Sabralia is a woman in bad situation and she knows she wants more out of life but cannot get it. Given as a wife to a dictator for treaty purposes, she tries to keep a low profile to prevent anyone physically assaulting her. She has a serious crush on her cyborg but she does not act on it because it would not be the same as if he was a real man.

Then he is a real man.

Years of wanting her cyborg to be a man, not a cyborg, made her weak.”

Meanwhile, Kaistril knows what he wants and he likes what sees. He can remember what he saw while he was a cyborg and knew that he had bathed her.

All those months in the bath teased him, ratcheting up his desire.”

He thought it would be as simple as  “We will sate each other, put those longing to rest…”

He should have known that he would be hooked.

I think the overall reason why I liked this book is because Sabralia was not a weak woman. She seemed like it in the beginning; but, really she was a woman resigned to her fate. When things changed, she regained her self-esteem and took control of her destiny. She did not sit around waiting for the hero to save her all the time. She did what she could to be a supportive partner. I can appreciate that in the heroine’s character. At the end of their adventure, they are together for their HEA.

Should you buy? Yes. I have the rest of the series on my TBR list.

Book details from Goodreads

Kindle Edition, 85 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 by Grand Street Publishing (first published February 1st 2009)

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Ours to Save: ES Siren 9 – Shona Husk #ScifiRomance #netgalley

I received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Ours to Save: ES Siren 9 by Shona Husk


Micah and his daughter Sadie are on the ship Siren travelling to a planet that is going to be colonized. Since he has experience in agriculture, his skill set is seen as a benefit to the new settlers.

Felicity is imprisoned for her involvement as a radical Gaia Movement . As an explosives expert, she knows a lot of bomb making. Because of severity of her crimes, she is in a maximum security prison. She does not want her daughter to be stigmatized by the fact that her mother is a criminal, so Micah and Felicity keep their relationship secret.

Despite their best efforts, someone found out about their close ties and looks to leverage this information for their own nefarious plans. Threatening harm to the important people in her life was not a wise move. Felicity will do whatever she needs to do to ensure her family’s safety.

At first this was difficult for me to get in to because it was not what I expected. I knew it was part of a series but I thought that it would still be okay to read as a standalone story. Logically I know this is book #9 of the series, but I was optimistic.

Once I was able to understand what this world was about, I was able to focus more on the plot. That being said, I think you are better off if you read some of the earlier books to get background for the story.

From Goodreads, here is the series in a nutshell

As a small fleet of ships makes their way toward a new colony the people on board find love and lust.

~~~Back to story~~~
Micah and Felicity were already in love when they were on their way to the new colony. For most of the story, I felt tense at the situation Micah and Felicity found themselves. Felicity’s feeling that Micah was too good for her and could possibly leave at any time, stressed me out. She loved him and could not understand why he was giving up a better life to love her back.

I felt sorry for Micah and Felicity. This is one of those screwed up situations where they cannot show in any kind of emotion that might prove how much they love each other for fear of someone trying to exploit the situation. Then someone did that any way.

Overall, I think that because the story picks up in the middle of their relationship timeline, there was not a lot of character development. I did not see this as steamy or sweet. It was raw in the sense that it deals with the realities of loving a person who is imprisoned. If a person likes that type of romance, they will love this book. I, on the other hand, prefer less stressful, more fanciful romances.

Ours to Save: ES Siren 9 Product Details
Print Length: 95 pages
Publisher: Momentum (July 23, 2015)
Publication Date: July 23, 2015