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Claimed by the Cyborg #excerpt #newrelease #scifiromance @carabristol

Claimed by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 5)
By Cara Bristol

Release date: January 10, 2017
Format: ebook and paperback

A cyborg never gives up.
He lost her once. He won’t let it happen again.
ISBN: 9780996839020

Claimed by the Cyborg Description

March Fellows assumed he had all the time in the galaxy to pursue a relationship with Jules, an alien exchange student from Xenia, until she vanished without a trace. After years of searching, he finds his lost love on the eve of her arranged marriage.

The daughter of the Xenian emperor, Julietta never meant to fall in love with a Terran man while visiting Earth. Leaving to fulfill her responsibilities on her home planet opened up a hole in her heart that could never be filled. When March, now a cyborg, unexpectedly shows up just before she is to be bonded, she struggles to find the courage to turn him away a second time and follow through with her duty. Before she can act, the lovers are thrust into a political conspiracy that threatens the Xenian empire and their lives.

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March gaped at the woman who’d entered the hall, her arm linked with a girl’s. Hair, long and curly, tumbled down her back. Her eyes were as he remembered, as black and enigmatic as space, but girlish features had matured into womanliness. Jules. My Jules. Her gaze collided with his, the darkness concealing her thoughts, but her mouth parted as if shocked. If he hadn’t been seated, the sight of her would have knocked him on his ass. His hands shook, and he clenched them into fists to quell the trembling.

He’d searched, questioned everyone who’d known her, revisited all their haunts. So much time, so much effort, and she just walked in. Of all the places, in all the years, she was here. He couldn’t believe it. A guest at the ceremony. The practiced words he’d imagined he’d say if he located her evaporated, and all he could do was drink her in.

She’d never looked more beautiful. Dignified, refined, polished. Not haughty, but self-contained. Intricate whorls adorned her face, enhancing her exotic allure. She wore the tunic and pantaloons common to Xenia, the design and tailoring of hers nonpareil, surpassing elegance, but in the same color as the garments of members of the imperial family. She must be one of the many attendants. A relative maybe? Cousin to the bride? Obviously, she knew the imperial family well, or she wouldn’t be at the banquet.

Which would begin at any moment. Damn it! He couldn’t talk to her now. Jules moved, almost as if to step in his direction, but the younger woman herded her to two open seats at the other end of the long banquet table.

At the next opportunity, he would approach her. His heart hammered. The twins probably knew her. He turned to Naimo to ask him, when Kur spoke.

“There’s your chosen! Princess Julietta is looking at you, Naimo.” He gestured in Jules’s direction. “She’s checking you out!”

March shifted his attention to the girl who’d accompanied Jules. She couldn’t be more than fifteen or sixteen. She was a little young to be bonded, wasn’t she?

Naimo took a deep, satisfied-sounding breath. “She is even lovelier with the bonding stain painted on her face. Her vids don’t do her justice.”

The younger woman’s face was clear, unmarked. His gaze zoomed to Jules, to the spiraling whorls gracing her temples, her cheeks.

No. No. No.

The woman with the facial paint is your chosen?” His voice came out a whispered croak. “That’s Princess Julietta?” His Jules was Emperor Dusan’s daughter? No.

“The one and only.” Naimo beamed.

~~Cara Bristol Bio~~

Cara Bristol
USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has been the no. 1 best seller in science fiction romance, bdsm erotica, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She’s the author of two science fiction romance series featuring tough alpha heroes: the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance cyborg series and the Breeder science fiction romance series, which emphasize character-driven stories written with a touch of humor and sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

Website: http://www.carabristol.com
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/9aRJj
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Trapped with the #Cyborg #romance #scifi #fantasy @carabristol

Trapped with the Cyborg


Sonny and Amanda meet at a bar and have a one night stand. Little do they know, they are working together the next day. They are cyborgs assigned to a top secret assignment that will be very dangerous and possibly turn into a suicide mission.

First of all, I love cyborg romances! The author created likable characters with Sonny and Amanda. I was on pins and needles trying to figure out how they would get out of danger. I felt invested in their success. There cannot be a HEA if they are both dead, so I knew they would make it out alive.

But HOW?!?!?!

There were so many plot twists and turns that I could not put my Kindle down.

Image result for nail biting gif
I like how Sonny tries not to be seem like a male chauvinist but he wants to protect Amanda. Each time he is trying to convey his concerns, it comes across in the wrong way. It endeared him to me. Here was this big bad guy who is ready to take on the world, but he is trying to be delicate with his words for his woman.

Amanda is my kind of heroine! She was strong, smart, and sexy. Even as a cyborg, Amanda still had feelings of self-doubt which cause her to try even harder to prove herself.

Image result for woman power meme

I think it is ultimately her strength and resilience is what attracted Sonny to her.

She was his equal and he could love and respect her.

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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY. There was so much action, the right amount of suspense, a hint of humor, and plenty of romance. I was thoroughly entertained and I think you will feel the same way.

Book Details
Print Length: 168 pages
Series: Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance Book 4
Publisher: Cara Bristol (June 19, 2016)
Publication Date: June 19, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Her Cyborg Awakes #ScifiRomance review

Her Cyborg Awakes (Diaspora Worlds Book 1)4heart


Sabralia is one of the many wives contracted to the emperor. As one of the wives, she had a personal cyborg who helped her bath, get dressed, and ready for functions that required her attendance.  While she did not treat her cyborg as her sex slave, she allowed herself to fantasize about him.

He was a machine, of course, but his body was a man’s, fit and smooth skinned.”

After an attack on the planet, Sabralia is forced to flee with her cyborg Qy.

Kaistril (cyborg Qy) has been the personal cyborg of Sabralia for more than 2 years. After the attack on the planet, he begins to remember his life before being programmed as cyborg. More than just a high-ranking officer, he was a good-looking, virile man.


After first reading this book, I gave it 3 hearts, but I kept coming back to read it because I loved the story. So, I had to up my rating to 4 hearts.

Sabralia is a woman in bad situation and she knows she wants more out of life but cannot get it. Given as a wife to a dictator for treaty purposes, she tries to keep a low profile to prevent anyone physically assaulting her. She has a serious crush on her cyborg but she does not act on it because it would not be the same as if he was a real man.

Then he is a real man.

Years of wanting her cyborg to be a man, not a cyborg, made her weak.”

Meanwhile, Kaistril knows what he wants and he likes what sees. He can remember what he saw while he was a cyborg and knew that he had bathed her.

All those months in the bath teased him, ratcheting up his desire.”

He thought it would be as simple as  “We will sate each other, put those longing to rest…”

He should have known that he would be hooked.

I think the overall reason why I liked this book is because Sabralia was not a weak woman. She seemed like it in the beginning; but, really she was a woman resigned to her fate. When things changed, she regained her self-esteem and took control of her destiny. She did not sit around waiting for the hero to save her all the time. She did what she could to be a supportive partner. I can appreciate that in the heroine’s character. At the end of their adventure, they are together for their HEA.

Should you buy? Yes. I have the rest of the series on my TBR list.

Book details from Goodreads

Kindle Edition, 85 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 by Grand Street Publishing (first published February 1st 2009)

Available on Amazon



On a Rogue Planet #netgalley #arc

On a Rogue Planet (Phoenix Adventures Book 3) ♥♥♥♥


Malin is a salvage mechanic who has not had the best success in the romance department. Of course, previous lovers blamed her for whatever problems there were. This leads to her insecurities.

While on a business trip, she inadvertently is placed in the middle of a planetary coup. Xander is the security cyborg who needs to find an ancient artifact that will help him to restore order to his planet.

Along the way, Malin and Xander explore their chemistry for each other, even though it is questionable how vested in a relationship Xander could be since he is a cyborg.


How did I feel about this book?

Why did I love this book so much? Mainly, I think it was because of the characters. Malin was a mechanic and she falls for a cyborg. The first story where the heroine could actually “fix” her guy.

I like that she was a strong female lead character. She had her sensitive moments, but she saves Xander quite a few times. Xander was as much of an alpha-male as a character can get, but even he had to admit he needed help.

He told her he didn’t follow orders, but he followed hers just fine

Secondly, the energy of this book was high packed from the first few pages. They are on the run from people who want them dead. To get the relic to save Xander’s people, they have travel all over the galaxy. It was so interesting, I was anxious to see how they would get out of each perilous situation.

Thirdly, the supporting characters (good and bad) added another layer to the story giving more depth. The reasons the villain had for wanting to destroy a race of people – totally twisted. That guy was insane.

While On a Rogue Planet (Phoenix Adventures Book 3)is a standalone book, it is the third book in the series. Now that I have been introduced, I need to find the first two books.

Should you buy On a Rogue Planet (Phoenix Adventures Book 3)? YES! This story is part “Indiana Jones”, part “Star Wars”, and part “MacGyver”.

There is plenty of action.

There is a cyborg who finds his humanity.

“Malin Phoenix brought out the best in him”

There is a woman who is no damsel in distress.

“You look pretty in bare feet and that ripped dress.”

It is a trifecta of a story. There is so much to the plot that appeals to me. If you like high energy sci-fiction, I think you will enjoy the action-packed romance as much as I did.

I received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Click this link to buy on Amazon On a Rogue Planet (Phoenix Adventures Book 3)

As a side note: As explained on IMDb, MacGyver was an agent for the Phoenix Foundation devoted to righting the wrongs of the world and thwarts the enemy with vast scientific knowledge. In “On a Rouge Planet”, Malin’s last name is Phoenix and she is just as talented as MacGyver with her mechanical knowledge.

Coincidence? I think not.

Cyborgs need love, they just do not know it yet

C791: Cyborgs: More Than Machines ♥♥♥♥



X109GI (named Joe) is a cyborg being held by the military. There is a war going on that began when the cyborgs decided that did not want the military to tell them what to do. Their free will from when they were 100% human was reawakened but the military wants to silence them as if they are just robots that need to be shut down.

While incarcerated, Chloe is assigned to collect body specimens from Joe. At times, Joe seems really human. Though Chloe cannot stop herself, she begins to have feelings for him. Logically, Joe does not understand how Chloe causes him to react irrationally. Maybe his humanity is not all lost.


When I think “cyborg”, I think of “resistance is futile” from Star Trek: Next Generation. In this book, the military implants electronic chips and nanobots in humans to cause them to be more like bionic, super soldiers.

Joe is hot, buff, and super sexy. His logical brain makes him say some outrageous things at times. Good thing that Chloe does not hold it against him. While he is not that great when it comes to speaking with tact, the robotic side of him is good when it comes to memorizing how to pleasure his lady.

The twist the author put in the story at about 65% was TOTALLY unexpected. Loved it. I was screaming “WHAT? REALLY? OMG!”

I am not usually one who always appreciates a twist in a story, but this one was so unexpected and a delight at the same time. While I was in shock, I also wondered why didn’t I see that coming.

Overall, the steamy cyborg love scenes are more human than robotic. I like Joe’s alpha male struggle to come to terms with his ability to love even though he did not think it was possible. Chloe was a strong woman dealing with facts that challenged all her preconceived notions about what was true. Together they made a good team against the villainous military that threatened to strip people of their humanity and lives of those they deemed undesirable.

After reading C791: Cyborgs: More Than Machines, I was so pumped for the next in the series. I want all these hunky cyborgs to meet their love match.

Caveat: This book does have some graphic language and love scenes. Since he is a cyborg, he has robotic like stamina.