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-Letter S- Right to Bear Arms @aprilAtoZ #atozchallenge #bearshifter #romance 

S is for Savage (Vivienne Savage)

The Right to Bear Arms


Russell (Russ) is A bear shifter and retired from the army. He is also a widower. He keeps to himself because he still feels guilty that his wife died while he was far away on missions. He is going through the motions in living life.

Daniela is his neighbor and she has some problems of her own. She divorced her ex-husband after living with domestic abuse. She thought she was away from the situation, but her ex recently found out where she lives and is terrorizing her.

This is a sweet bear shifter romance. I love how they interacted together. The romance part just happens. Nothing seemed forced or contrived.

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Daniela was empowered woman who was able to get out of a relationship with and abusive man. The author subtly made the point why it is so important not to put blinders on when seeing a distressing situation between an abuser in the victim. Supporting the victim can, in some cases, save a life.
I do not see this as a rebound romance because she was divorced and she knew that there wasn’t any love in her relationship with her ex-husband. I do not think this was a case of falling in love with the person who saved her because Russ helped her have tools to save herself. She was not sitting and waiting for someone to help her.

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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY. This was very entertaining and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. ?

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Print Length: pages
Series: Wild Operatives
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥



-Letter J- Boarlander Cursed Bear #bearshifter #romance @aprilAtoZ #atozchallenge

J is for Joyce (T.S. Joyce)

Boarlander Cursed Bear (Boarlander Bears book 5)

Clinton has had a problem with the Boarlander shifters pairing up with mates. He has said mates bring problems. However, when his first love and mate comes to town, he cannot stop himself from being with her. He is even convinces himself that their past can stay hidden since she has no memory of their time together. They can finally have their bright future.

Alyssa dreams of a boy who was very important, possibly the love of her life. When she meets Clinton, they have a connection like no other. It is crazy that she’s in love with a guy she just met. But Alyssa wants to know his secrets.

This story had so many layers. Up until this point from what I knew of Clinton in the previous books in this series, I was prepared not to like Clinton because he was such a jerk. I knew that his attitude has to have been based in some bad experiences. I thought that his trauma better be severe for me to feel sorry for him after all he put everyone else through.

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Reading Clinton’s history and getting the full story almost made me cry. Saying he went through so much does not adequately express it. It was heart wrenching. I do not usually get emotional over books, especially FANTASY, but this story got me in the feels.

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I am speaking in vague terms because I do not want to give anything away. It is necessary to read the story and not know what’s going to happen in order to get the full effect.

Clinton was thoroughly redeemed for all his douchebaggery.

I had mixed feelings about Alyssa. She seemed okay to me but I was not sure how I felt about her reaction when certain things are revealed. She comes around but I was feeling so sympathetic towards Clinton that I wish she had been more understanding sooner than later.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY. The is a entertaining standalone bear shifter story. For the FULL experience, I recommend reading the whole series like I did.

Book details
Print Length: 238 pages
Series: Boarlander Bears
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


-Letter G- Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) #bearshifter #paranormal #romance @aprilAtoZ #atozchallenge

G is for Grove (Scarlett Grove)

Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance)

Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) (Rescue Bears Book 6) by [Grove, Scarlett]

Corey decided that he was not going to fall in love or marry his fated mate because he thought it was “just a bunch of heartache and drama”. He was fine for others to find love and happiness, but not in the cards for him.
Willow is an author who signed up for mate.com as a way to do research for a book she was writing. Months later, she received a message saying that she was matched with her fated mate. She was intrigued enough to travel to check him out.

I do not know exactly how to describe this story. It was cute enough. While I understand Corey was annoyed with his friends for setting him up, he was such a jerk to Willow in the beginning. It was only after he realized she was in danger that his protective instincts were awakened.

I know I am supposed go along with the idea that the “fated mates” theory makes up for any way the hero treats the heroine in the past, but in this instance I felt that his negative attitude just rubbed me the wrong way. He was hot and then cold and then hot again.
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To Willow’s credit, she did try distance herself from him since he could not figure out what he wanted.
In the end, I think I would have not forgiven him for how he treated her in the beginning.

YES! I know this is fiction, but as I have said before, I get really involved in the characters’ lives. I don’t care if the author has her heroine forgiving the hero, I am petty enough to still be holding a grudge against an imaginary character. He does try to redeem himself in the end, but I was done with him by then.
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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
If you like books about bear shifters, then you might find this book enjoyable. This is part of series and I think if I had read the previous books, I would have enjoyed this better. As it was, I did not really connect with Corey as a hero and book boyfriend. The secondary characters seemed interesting enough that I want to read their stories though.

Book details
Series: Rescue Bears Book
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 126 pages


-Letter E- Protection – Shifters Forever Worlds #review #bearshifterromance  #romance @aprilAtoZ #atozchallenge

E is for Elle (Elle Thorne)

Protection: Shifters Forever Worlds
Protection: Shifters Forever Worlds by [Thorne, Elle]

Grant is a grizzly bear shifter living in Bear Canyon Valley. His bear thinks that Chelsea should be his mate but he is worried that she will not accept his bear.

Chelsea has the hots for her client Grant. He gets his hair cut religiously by her every few weeks even though it does not really need it. She would like to have more than just a crush, but decides her secrets make it too dangerous to risk getting involved.

I liked the story, but I had issue with a few things (had to deduct a heart ❤ for it).

During the first physical encounter between Grant and Chelsea, she was still recovering from roofie drugs given to her by one of the book’s bad guys. My ick flag was raised because at first I thought she was unconscious.
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I don’t care if his bear was telling him that she is his mate, unconscious means unable to consent. Actually being under the influence of anything (including drugs and alcohol) mean no ability to adequately consent. He and his bear needed to wait until she sobered up before making any moves.
Chelsea made too many assumptions. I guess the author was trying to get the reader to sympathize with her because she was a victim of domestic abuse, but it backfired in my case.
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Even though they have been semi-flirting for months, I still felt this was an insta-love story. She barely talked to him before and now in a matter of days, she loves him and wants to be his forever mate. It was too soon for me especially since she was not emotionally healed from her previous abusive relationship. I wish there was some indication that she was ready for a relationship instead of feeling like she was just looking for someone to protect her from the bad men in her life.

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TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BORROW. I think that if this is a Kindle Unlimited book, it is worth picking up for the afternoon. I think it was free on Amazon when I got it. If you decide to buy, I would not recommend paying more than $ .99 for it. The box set might be worth buying though.

Book details
Series: Shifters Forever
Heat Level: Steamy 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 186 pages
Publisher: Barbed Borders Press (January 24, 2015)
Publication Date: January 24, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Sweet Bear O’ Mine #bearshifter #romance #review #amreading

Sweet Bear O’ Mine (Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters Book 1)


Jax is in the band Wild Harts with his brothers. They are famous for performing before sold out crowds but are keeping a very important secret: they are all bear shifters. While playing at a festival, Jax sees Tiff and his bear knows that she is his mate.
Tiff does not usually listen to Wild Harts, but she attended the concert because her friend won VIP tickets. Back stage, she meets Jax but has serious doubts that he could be interested in her because she is a curvy big girl.
While Jax struggles to convince Tiff that they should be together, an unknown element is determined to keep them apart.

This story was mildly entertaining. I was interested to see how the bear shifter aspect was going work since he was a famous singer. I thought that shifter types had to have plenty of room to let their inner animal out regularly. He cannot really do that while on tour. In that way, Jax was not like the stereotypical bear shifter, and I could not figure out what to expect.

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I was not very emotionally drawn to Jax because he was the typical manwhore rock star. Because of that, I wondered why Tiff was so quick to give it up. She could not have been star struck considering she was not a fan in the first place.

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Tiff had a lot of insecurities about why Jax chose her, as evidence that she constantly pointed out she was a big girl. I got tired of hearing about it. It was like a famous man has never dated an average size girl before.

On top of all of that, her so-called best friend was too shallow for me. Some of her sly “throw shade” comments was the probably the main reason for Tiff’s big girl complex.

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Lastly, the sinister element was so predictable. It happened and was resolved so quickly, that I wondered if it really needed to be mentioned in the blurb as if it was a focal point of the story.
I also have a gripe with the cover of this book. That chick does not look plus-sized to me.

TOW Suggestion: Buy, Borrow, Pass
BORROW. It was not the worst book I ever read, but I finished it wishing that I could have tweaked aspects of the characters and the plot. You can read for free with KU. If you cannot borrow the book, then wait for it to be packaged in a bundle. Maybe if the author offers the series as a package set for a discounted price, it might be worth purchasing.

Book Details
Print Length: 168 pages
Series: Wild Harts Rockstar Shifters book 1
Publisher: Nameless Shameless Women LLC
Publication Date: July 8, 2016