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The heir (the Duke’s obsession)

The Heir (The Duke’s Obsession)

In The Heir (The Duke’s Obsession) Anna is a housekeeper for Westhaven (Gail Wyndam) and she is very good at her job. Westhaven is a Duke in need of a wife to beget an heir. His father has become so obsessed with getting him married, it is common knowledge around town.

While Westhaven is coming more attracted to his housekeeper, who is supposedly a widow, it is becoming more and more apparent all is not what it seems. The more that Westhaven presses for Anna to trust him, the more resolute she becomes in her plans to leave his house.

It becomes evident to the reader that Westhaven indeed loves Anna, but he bungles his words so that she is confused to his intentions. Either he is too ambiguous or sounding quite arrogant. Hence he proposes to her several times. I found this quite funny because I knew what he was trying to say, but he just made a mess of it. There were times that he should have just stayed quiet. Most romance novels, there is not enough communication. In this story, there was communication, but it was not done very well on his part. Anna was hiding a secret and could not really be sure if she could open up to Westhaven for support. I think that character Anna acted the way she did mainly because she was confused.

As the book progresses, Anna’s past catches up with her and gets resolved. Westhaven’s father finally gets what he wants only after leaving well enough alone. Westhaven finally finds a woman that he feels is worthy of his title and to be the mother of his children. Read the book to understand how it all comes together.

This is the author’s first novel. Good job! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it is a Victorian historical romance, the social activities did not play a major role. Considering the fact that Westhaven was courting his housekeeper, it made sense. I would recommend this novel to anyone that likes historical romances. It was a nice story and it had funny parts too.

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Noble Birth – Brenda Novak

Of Noble Birth

The main characters for this romance novel are Nathaniel and Alexandra.

Nathaniel was born with a disabled arm and almost died as a baby by his father’s hands. His mother died soon after giving birth to him and so the maid took him to raise as her own child. Needless to say, he has serious emotional issues. Alexandra starts the story as a seamstress escaping a physically abusive stepfather. Her mother died leaving her with an alcoholic stepfather who was a mean drunk.

The story was very convoluted to me. The synopsis that I read on Amazon did not fully prepare me for the emotional roller coaster that was their romance. Nathaniel kidnaps Alexandra because he thought she was his half-sister. When he finally he believes she is not his sister, you can cue the romance.

Every time I thought their problems were over, something else would happened to separate the couple. Nathaniel’s main nemesis is the father that will not claim him. Knowing that your father tried to kill you at birth will do that.

This romance in a nutshell:

Found love!

Torn apart!

Together again!

Torn apart!

Together again!

Book over. The end.

Because of the highs and lows of the book  Of Noble Birth, it seemed longer than it was. Their love was tested so many times that it made me tired. At one point, I was like “Something else is happening. When is this book going to end?”

However, if you like long drawn out romance novels, then you will like this book. This is the type of book you choose when you have the entire day to read.

Bachelor Undone – a Kimani Romance

Bachelor Undone (Kimani Romance)

I was looking for a Brenda Jackson book so that I could get my romance novel fix from an author who does a good job of presenting the characters in a somewhat believable way without making the story line too corny. Instead of a Westmoreland book, I chose a Kimani romance. Darcelle “Darcy” and York Ellis are the main characters. Darcy is a city planner that is taking a much needed vacation in Jamaica. York is a security consulting expert on the job working for a client shooting a film in Jamaica.

Not surprising, Darcy and York have history. Her best friend is married to one of his god-brothers.

After an unhappy first marriage, Darcy immersed herself in work. Now she is taking a vacation and looking for some fun. Her plan is to get her “groove back” and indulge in an island romance.

York is in Jamaica on business but gets sidetracked by the fact that Darcy is there. Darcy is looking for some excitement, but York seems to take issue with the attention other men are showing her. This is humorous for the reader but confusing for York since he is supposed to the ultimate bachelor that will never succumb to tying the knot. While York sorts out his feelings for Darcy, she is trying to figure out what it is about him that makes her always want to be contrary. She has to ask herself if a relationship with York really be that bad. Even if they don’t have romantic liaison, what is preventing them from being friends? When they stop being argumentative with one another, they realize that they actually like each other and have a lot of similar traits.

Bachelor Undone (Kimani Romance) is fun. I like that it is not really a love-at-first-sight novel. Since the characters have history, it allows them to draw from previous experiences to help them to understand their attraction and develop their romantic relationship. Both characters are feisty and opinionated in their own right, which makes for a lively story. If you like any of Brenda Jackson’s other novels, I recommend you read this one also.

Hired by the cowboy by Donna Alward

Hired By The Cowboy (Harlequin Romance)

The main characters are Alex and Connor. Connor has a cash flow problem and a trust find that he can only access if he gets married. Alex is unwed, pregnant and almost homeless without many viable options. They meet when she faints on the street. There is so much attraction that they are drawn to each other. Considering the attraction between them Connor devises a plan to get to his trust fund money with Alex as his wife. This option was not on the table as it were until his grandmother suggested it.

Alex is understandably wary. Her baby’s father did a disappearing act and she does not have any family. But when she thinks about the fact that she does not have any options, this actually seems like a decent alternative.

As one would imagine, living together puts both of them on an emotional roller coaster of enjoying what they have with each other and realizing that their time together is probably temporary.

Hired By The Cowboy (Harlequin Romance) is a cute story. The characters are very likable. Alex has her insecurities and Connor does too. You can understand why they react the way that they do. Despite their problems they have a happy sweet ending. The author did a good job in explaining their background so you as the reader will be rooting for their success in life and love.

Wicked women? Not really

I think I helped get a book removed from Amazon.

There was this book called Wicked women’s ways by Kumari Davies. I download it because it was free for the day and I wanted to see who received the designation of “wicked woman”. The blurb sparked interest but once I started reading the book, I was not impressed.

This is a look at women in world history. I don’t know what the author’s methodology was in choosing women for this book. They are famous prostitutes, warriors, and some criminals but not at the level of being wicked as I would believe that to be.

For example the harlot named Rahab hid Israelite spies leading to Jericho’s defeat. I guess she is considered wicked because she was a prostitute? Joan of Arc was also mentioned in the context of being wicked. But considering the fact that she was pronounced innocent years after her death, does that negate the fact that she was executed?

There are plenty of other women throughout history that I would consider more wicked then the women listed in this book.

The book did talk about women that I previously did not even know existed, but very few did I think were worth calling wicked. If a man had done some of the same things, he would be called courageous or valiant.

With e-books, it can be easy for a reader to get scammed because all you have to go on is the blurb about the book and the reviews. If the book had stayed free or even been $.99, I might not have bothered. The book regular price was $2.99

The fact that the book was so expensive for such little quality, I had to say something.

I put a scathing review on Amazon’s website. I did not want to imagine that someone would waste their money.

Now the link to the book is gone.

All searches for that author do not bring up that book. I searched every possible combination of title/author and it is not there.

Hope the author learns from this. Publishing a book is not copying and pasting some words and uploading to Amazon website.

Put some thought into your writings and I will gladly pay and give good reviews 🙂