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Genos Philly Steaks

There is a great debate among people who profess to be Philly cheesesteak aficionados- Geno’s or Pat’s. Located at opposing corners in Philly, it would be easy to buy from both and do a true taste comparison. Well I only had the opportunity to try one and it seemed to me that Geno’s restaurant looked better.

I had high expectations because the best Philly chicken cheesesteak (I know that for the purist, chicken does not count but beef turns my stomach) I ever had was in NY at 99 miles from Philly. It was so delicious, it was "This is the BEST" **drop mic** good. Period.

I say this to set up how I expected Philly to be able to do it better than NYC. After all, Philly cheesesteak started in Philly, right? First
of all, neither Geno’s or Pat’s had chicken. >>Picture my sad face<< They did have pork. Okay, I like pork so I began to perk up. When I
ordered, they asked me if I wanted cheese whiz. Maybe my taste buds are too refined, but I cringe at the thought of eating fake, plastic looking cheese. I pass on that unless I am ordering nachos at the bowling alley (tastes buds give me a pass on that one- that is just the way it is, I don’t make the rules).

When I got my sandwich, the first thing that I noticed was how soft the bread was on the inside. The bread was perfect for me. The meat, on the other hand, was very dry. I thought to myself, "Maybe that is why the people drown the sandwich in wiz, so as not to have all the moisture in their mouths absorbed by the dry meat." I added the sweet peppers (see picture) and that helped a little bit. In the end, I slathered a lot of ketchup on my sandwich to make it palatable. My friend had the Philly cheesesteak (made with beef) and she was not impressed either. She said the meat was dry to her.

Overall, I was disappointed. The bread was really good but could not make up for the overcooked, dried out pork. It is my opinion that the
meat should be the star of the sandwich and everything else should complement it. But I think that the great Philly cheesesteak debate
continues to rage on. And if I can get to Philly again, I want to try Pat’s. And in the meantime, I need to get to NYC for the best Philly
chicken cheesesteak EVER.

Crowne Plaza Philadephia Valley Forge

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel because I had a business meeting in the area. For those who do not know the area, the official name of the area is King of Prussia/ Valley Forge. It is about 30-45 minutes from downtown Philly and the Philadelphia airport. The location of this hotel was perfect for me because it was right across from the King of Prussia mall (one of the biggest malls in the northeast- great for a self proclaimed shopaholic).

The room was average for what I expected of a Crowne Plaza. The bed was comfortable. I had some trouble trying to get the water hot enough for my shower. There was a “trick” to the bath tub knob and I figured it out after 2 nights of taking tepid showers and one call to the front desk.

The full breakfast buffet was worth the price. There was bacon, sausage, eggs made to order, pancakes, breakfast potatoes, waffles, danishes, fruit, and granola. The only drawback to the breakfast was some of the wait staff service. When I entered the restaurant it was difficult to be served. One lady said that I need to wait for someone to seat me. But the lady that was in charge of that was moving so slowly, the two minutes that I waited for her to come show me to a table seemed longer. Since I was on schedule, I decided to find my own table and ignore the first lady. After seating myself, I had to find someone to give me some orange juice and hot water for my tea. One of the mornings, it looked as if they were running out of food by 7:45. Despite all of that, the lady at the omelet station that cooked my eggs was very friendly and she cooked it exactly like I wanted them.

The best part of my visit to this hotel was the AHI TUNA appetizer and cobb salad I order from room service. I was a little hungry and did not want a heavy meal. I thought that a little ahi tuna and a small salad would be light enough for me to eat before going to bed. The coarse black pepper seasoning mix on the tuna was absolutely to die for! The order came with the tuna, a mango relish, and pickled ginger. The tuna was tasty on its own that I did not eat the relish. I almost ordered a second plate since it was so good. Up until that point I have never had any ahi tuna that delectable and now I order it at every occasion trying to find something similar. I was wow-ed by it. Most of all, I was astonished because I was not expecting such high quality from room service food. Super!

After I regained control of my senses, I ate my cobb salad. It was mainly lettuce (Bibb, I think), cheese crumbles, and sugared pecans. If I had known the tuna was going to be so awesome, I would have skipped the salad and ordered double tuna. But since that was not the case, I satisfied my hunger with lettuce. Not quite as exciting.

Crowne Plaza Philadephia Valley Forge

260 Mall Blvd, King of Prussia PA 19406