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Review: Sleeping with the Boss #HarlequinDesire #romance

Sleeping with the boss



Eileen is helping Rick in his office while his secretary is on vacation. During this time they discover that they have explosive passion for each other between the sheets. Eileen is ready to commit only if Rick will do the same. An unplanned pregnancy should change things, but Rick has to decide if he will trust her with his heart.

This is a predictable story line. I thought the title was misleading. Technically he was only her boss for a couple of weeks. She had her own business and could leave if she wanted. She was there to help him out because she knew his family.

Rick has his emotional issues because he has been hurt before. His parents did not love him. Poor Rich boy sob story.

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When he gets Eileen pregnant, he acts as if he can use the pregnancy to solidify the relationship without full commitment on his part. That was ironic because you would not think that someone who did not want to commit would want to be tied to another person in such a way.

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Eileen’s psychoanalyzing of Rick helped in the long run. At the same time, I thought she should have explained herself better. She understood his emotional hangups better than anyone else. Getting him to understand that she understood, was the issue in a nutshell.

It all works out in the end.

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It better. I do not buy Harlequin to have surprise tragic endings. Or major plot twist where the hero and heroine go their separate ways.

Should you buy? I recommend this book for those times when you want a light romance read for the beach or when traveling. It was entertaining  while completely predictable.


Book Details
Print Length: 192 pages
Publisher: Silhouette Desire (June 11, 2010)
Publication Date: June 1, 2010
Sold by: Harlequin Digital Sales Corp.


B is for Baby #AtoZChallenge #ABCofRomance


Baby Bonanza (Silhouette Desire) ♥♥


Nick, a cruise ship owner and playboy billionaire, cannot stand a liar. That is what he thinks Jenna did to him and he will not forgive her for it.

I’m not a lonely rich boy looking for love.”

 Jenna sees the circumstances differently. While heartbroken, she had cut her losses. Until she found herself taking care of the result of her lovefest with Nick: TWINS. She came to ask for child support, but as usual, Nick does things his way.


This is the standard Harlequin romance: playboy, commitment phobia billionaire, unplanned pregnancy, reluctant dad. And a woman in love with a man who does not trust her.

I did not like Nick. He was a self-righteous jerk for most of the book. He has women throwing themselves at him and he pretends that the only reason he flirts back with all of them is to prevent embarrassing them. I do not buy it. He is setting up his booty call girl of the week.

Plus he was overbearing. When he decides he wants something, he will not stop until he gets it. Jenna is in his crosshairs and he wants her. Objectify much?

She was trouble. He knew it. Felt it. And couldn’t stop himself from wanting. From having.” – Nick

We both feel it. We both want this. Why deny ourselves?” – Nick

 When he decided that he wanted Jenna, she was caught up in the romance of it all that she decided to deal with the consequences later.

Bad idea Jenna. But sometimes a person gets steamrolled into poor decision making.

About half way through the book, she finally grew a backbone. You go girl!

… but that did not last long.

Why does it have to be you who touches my heart?” – Jenna

Yes it all works out in the end. In real life, he would have sent the child support checks and continued his playboy lifestyle. The END.

Should you buy? I am undecided. If you love Harlequin, then you will probably enjoy since the writing style is typical Harlequin. I think I got the book because the cover looked so comical. I did not even read the blurb. I knew there would be at least one billionaire and two babies.


Book details from Goodreads
Paperback, Silhouette Desire #1893, 184 pages
Published September 2008 by Silhouette (first published October 1st 2007)
Original title Baby Bonanza
Available on Amazon



Another hot Westmoreland going after what he wants and The Chase is ON!

The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire)   by Brenda Jackson

Chase Westmoreland owns a soul food restaurant and Jessica opens a bakery next door. And since a romance novel is nothing without a little drama, Jessica is the granddaughter of the assumed nemesis of Chase’s grandfather. She is trying to find out what happened to cause the rift between the two men.
Chase’s grandfather told him never to trust any member of Jessica’s family. So it gets complicated. Jessica knows who Chase is hoping she can find out what really happened before Chase finds out whose family she is part of. Jessica’s reasons for leaving that information out of the introductions has a lot to do with the fact that she was hoping to prove and present Chase with the proof that will substantiate her grandfather’s innocence. But she knows that the longer she waits, the harder it will be when the truth comes out.
While Chase turned on the charm as soon as he realized he has a cutie for his business neighbor, Jessica began a losing battle trying not to reciprocate. Once she gives in hesitantly, the immediate attraction seems to be smooth sailing until Chase finds out that she has withheld some pertinent information pertaining to her ancestry. With both of them having relationship issues because of previous experiences (e.g. her father was class A jerk), it is interesting to see how they end up together at all.

The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire) is entertaining, funny, and a little nail-biting at the same time. As the reader, I had information that Chase did not and as I got to know his personality, I wondered how he was going to react when he found out. This is another must read from Brenda Jackson.