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Player “Steele” giving it up for love

A Steele for Christmas (Kimani Romance)

I must be a glutton for punishment because I read another one of these “Bad News” Steele character books. As the follow up to Hidden Pleasures, brother Eli is the next Phoenix Arizona Steele to leave his player ways and settle down for one woman.

There was not much of a plot, but at least it was better than Hidden Pleasures (with its trumped up fancily packaged prostitution). In A Steele for Christmas (Kimani Romance), Eli is attracted to Stacey, a commitment-phobe woman who left Memphis after her fiancé broke off their engagement to marry her friend. She begins a relationship with Eli knowing he is known as a player. The rules of the game change when Eli needs a wife (read the story to understand). Playacting turns to the real thing for both of them, ending with happy-ever-after.

I figured out what irks me about these male characters (i.e. Steele men). They are all unabashedly doggish. They are players who see nothing wrong with sleeping with as many women as they can. I find their supposed “respect for women” a little disingenuous considering the fact that they are pretty much objectifying women for their own gratification.

The other problem I have is that the only way the guy realizes he is in love is the fact that he slept with her but the lust and desire has not abated but intensified.

Since I am sucker for romance novels, I will probably read the rest of the Steele stories, but with lower expectations. I was confused why I did not have the level of satisfaction with these books as with the Westmoreland series by Ms Jackson. I realize that I prefer a strong silent brooder to a smooth talking player looking for more notches in his belt.

Rating Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥

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Another hot Westmoreland going after what he wants and The Chase is ON!

The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire)   by Brenda Jackson

Chase Westmoreland owns a soul food restaurant and Jessica opens a bakery next door. And since a romance novel is nothing without a little drama, Jessica is the granddaughter of the assumed nemesis of Chase’s grandfather. She is trying to find out what happened to cause the rift between the two men.
Chase’s grandfather told him never to trust any member of Jessica’s family. So it gets complicated. Jessica knows who Chase is hoping she can find out what really happened before Chase finds out whose family she is part of. Jessica’s reasons for leaving that information out of the introductions has a lot to do with the fact that she was hoping to prove and present Chase with the proof that will substantiate her grandfather’s innocence. But she knows that the longer she waits, the harder it will be when the truth comes out.
While Chase turned on the charm as soon as he realized he has a cutie for his business neighbor, Jessica began a losing battle trying not to reciprocate. Once she gives in hesitantly, the immediate attraction seems to be smooth sailing until Chase finds out that she has withheld some pertinent information pertaining to her ancestry. With both of them having relationship issues because of previous experiences (e.g. her father was class A jerk), it is interesting to see how they end up together at all.

The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire) is entertaining, funny, and a little nail-biting at the same time. As the reader, I had information that Chase did not and as I got to know his personality, I wondered how he was going to react when he found out. This is another must read from Brenda Jackson.

Ella tiene razon para aceptar la propuesta

La Propuesta– Brenda Jackson
La Propuesta: (The Proposal) (Harlequin Deseo) (Spanish Edition)

Jason Westmoreland es un caballero muy muy guapo. Es un hombre en todo sentido. El sabe que quiere y como procurarla.

Elizabeth “Bella” es una mujer fina nacido en Savannah Georgia. Tiene un rancho que recibio como un herencia de su abuelo desconocido. Ella quiere la libertad hacer sus propias decisiones porque sus padres estuvieron muy estrictos.  Después de mudarse al rancho, sus padres la manda a regresar y casar a un hombre que les gusta. Ella no tiene muchas opciones menos una propuesta de Jason. ¿Vale la pena?

Jason desea tener 3 cosas (1) Bella (2) su rancho (3) su caballo Hercules

Cuando Jason realiza que Bella es la mujer para él, emplee poquito de manipulación para conseguirla. A mí, era chistoso. Bella sabe lo que ella se siente en su corazón pero no sabe si Jason es genuino o  si solamente está diciendo todas las cosas correctas para vencer su corazón y adquirir su rancho (como su tio acusó). Considerando su experiencia limitada con los hombres, podemos entender porque ella tiene mucha cautela.

Al fin, todo cae bien con esta pareja en su camino al amor.

¡Sra Jackson ha hecho otra vez! Este libro tiene todo- caracteres simpáticos y una historia divertida. Cómpralo y léelo hoy La Propuesta: (The Proposal) (Harlequin Deseo) (Spanish Edition)

If you want the English review click here and if you want this book in English –> The Proposal (Harlequin Desire)

He makes her a proposal she can’t refuse

The Proposal – Brenda Jackson

Jason Westmoreland is a fine-as-melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate cowboy. He is a man that knows what he wants and goes after it.

Elizabeth “Bella” is a genteel Savannah-bred woman who inherited the ranch neighboring Jason’s from the grandfather she did not know about until after his death. Since she lead a somewhat sheltered life by her overprotective parents, this is her first taste of freedom. Meanwhile, her parents think she is being foolish and are trying to force her to return to Savannah and marry the man they have picked out for her. So when her freedom is jeopardized, her only possible option seems to be a business proposal from Jason. But is she making a deal with the devil?

His agenda is (1) Bella (2) Her farmland (3) Hercules – a stud horse.

The reason for his sense of entitlement to her property has a lot to do with his relationship to her grandfather. Once Jason realizes that Bella is the woman he wants, he resorts in a little fast talking and subtle manipulation to make sure she is his. Bella knows what she is feeling but cannot determine if Jason is genuine or only after her land (as her uncle accuses). Considering her limited experience with men, it is easy to understand why she is being so cautious.

I am glad one of the secondary characters gave Jason the advise to communicate with Bella to prevent misunderstandings. Clearing the air and sharing their feelings is the best thing for them to have done. It works out for both of them. Ms Jackson has done it again with an entertaining story and likeable characters!

I think you will like this book too The Proposal (Harlequin Desire)

Jared has a fake fiancee but it all works out

Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancée – Brenda Jackson

Jared Westmoreland is a divorce lawyer who has sworn off marriage because of all the failed marriages that he has seen. When a couple is going through a divorce, it brings out the worst in people.

Dana was on the short end of a broken engagement when her ex-fiancé realized his attraction was not for females. In the end that was the best thing for her.  Because of that failed engagement, she met Jared. Tall, dark, smart, attractive, and most of all STRAIGHT!

As usual there is a little misunderstanding that keeps the main characters together. In this case the little misunderstanding at a family gathering leads to the erroneous belief that Jared and Dana are engaged. His mom is thrilled to say the least. Extenuating circumstances cause them to continue the charade. Somewhere along the way, they realize their feelings were not entirely for show.

Another Westmoreland man who swore to the single life has found a woman he cannot seem to live without.

This book is funny but has its steamy moments. I like the characters and how they ended up together.

It is worth it for you to get this book Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancé