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Grits and Groceries – Saylors Crossing

If you don’t know where Grits and Groceries is located, is hard for me to explain. It is in the middle of nowhere between Abbeville and Anderson South Carolina. Yes there is a sign that says Saylors Crossing, but that means nothing to me. All I know is that when I want to go to Grits and Groceries, I have to travel on a two-lane road through a small town called Due West going for some distance through a speed trap at 25 miles an hour. About 15 or 20 minutes on the other side of Due West, there is an intersection with a large chicken statute as your landmark. And this is how you know you’ve reached your destination.

So why would I make the trek into the deep country? For the praline bacon, of course. The praline bacon is delicious. It is scrumptious. It is addictive. It’s sweet, salty, crunchy, and everything you would want a vice to be.

But one cannot live on praline bacon alone. I ordered the big breakfast sandwich. It is basically a couple of eggs, bacon, and cheese on Texas toast. It is way too much food for me, but it was sufficient.

The picture in the top right corner was what my friend ordered. It was rabbit with a tomato based sauce served over grits. I don’t like grits, but I did taste the rabbit and it was good too.

If you want to go to Grits and Groceries, it is best to go in the summer time so that you can sit outside while you eat your breakfast. If you go in the winter time, there is probably going to be a 45 minute to an hour wait because this place is always crowded (and they don’t take reservations). I have talked to people that have traveled over an hour just to eat at this restaurant.

My suggestion is to order the praline bacon definitely. If you feel adventurous, try one of their gourmet specials. Pretty much everything on their menu is good, but something are AWESOME while others are just okay. Did I mention the praline bacon?

Old Main Catering

Old Main Catering (hereafter referred to as OMC) is the best catering I have tasted in Greenwood SC so far because they offer so many different dishes and their presentation is always perfect.

In the last few months I have been to several events that have been catered by OMC, and I have left wishing I had more. Alas, all I have are pictures and memories.
In the picture clockwise: chicken cordon bleu, roasted potatoes, shortbread with sweet cream blueberries strawberries, sundried tomato dip with veggie spears, chocolate mousse, and key lime cheesecake in a dark chocolate shell

Chicken cordon bleu – the sauce did not need additional salt or pepper, creamy but not too gummy or pasty tasting
Roasted potatoes – seasoned with herbs (don’t know what kind but it was tasty)
Shortbread with sweet cream blueberries strawberries – the shortbread cookie was not too crumbly or dry. The cream was not too sweet. It was not as heavy as a pudding or custard, but not as light as whipped cream. The fresh fruit set off the dessert as the perfect touch. Sigh! I wish I had more now…

Sundried tomato dip with veggie spears – The concept was simple with an elegant presentation.
Chocolate mousse – I liked the presentation of this also. The mousse was creamy and full of chocolate flavor. It was rich but not overwhelming.
Key lime cheesecake in a dark chocolate shell – The key lime cheesecake filling was tart and sweet at the same time. The chocolate shell melted in my mouth. The portion size was just enough to fit into my mouth in one bite.

Any event that has OMC providing the food is going to be AMAZING and the presentation will be picture perfect.

Cositas Ricas

I don’t have a lot to say about Colombia restaurant Cositas Ricas (located in Greenville SC) but that is one of my favorite places to buy empanadas de pollo (chicken empanadas). It seems that every Latin American country has their version of an empanada. An empanada is a dough or pastry with a yummy filling. Some are sweet and some are savory. The sweet empanadas have fruit or jam in them. The savory empanadas have meat fillings. I like them all.

When it comes to meat fillings, Cositas Ricas does a good job by heavily seasoning the chicken and adding bits of potato to the filling. I don’t know if this is the authentic Colombian way to make empanadas or a Latin fusion because Greenville is home to Hispanics from many different Latin countries.

It does not really matter because the result is delectable goodness. I usually call ahead and order at least 5. Last time I went, I think these cost $1 each but I did not really pay attention to the price. I am usually ordering a lot of other things off of their menu so it is hard to keep up with how much each item costs.

This post is all about a moment I was having where I wished I was eating an empanada de pollo for lunch today. Next time I am in Greenville, I will have to make a stop and place my order.

Pizza is best when it is Mellow

If you have not had the chance to visit a Mellow Mushroom restaurant, you are missing out on some very delicious pizza.

I cannot even remember the name of the pizza that I ordered, but it had so many tasty toppings and cost me close to $30. When you compare that to $8 Dominos or $5 Little Caesars pizzas, you might balk at the price. If you are feeding a group of people who don’t care about taste (i.e. teenagers or drunk people), stick with the cheap pizzas.

If the people eating are foodies (as I am) and appreciate quality ingredients, they will enjoy Mellow Mushroom.

The best part about this pizza is its crust. I don’t remember all what they do during the dough preparation, but it results in a tasty product. My pizza was loaded with toppings: black olives, green peppers, strips of bacon, tomatoes, pepperoni, and Parmesan cheese. As I type about it, I am transported to my Mellow Mushroom experience. ***eyes glaze over***

Granted, “delicious” does not come cheap at Mellow Mushroom but it is worth at least one try. Your taste buds will sing in delight.

Si si me gusta!! Antojitos Aminta

Antojitos Aminta is a restaurant in a food mall at the corner of Mission Str and 22nd Ave in San Francisco
I wanted some arepas de queso (cheese arepas). Arepas are usually served in Central American restaurants. Antojitos Aminta serves Salvadorian food.

I like it all especially arepas with the vinegary, pickled cabbage slaw.
If you, as a reader, do not know what an arepa is- it is similar to a thick corn tortilla stuffed with cheese (I don’t know what type, but probably a Centroamerican version of mozzarella).

I recommend going here if you are in the Mission area of San Francisco, but not if you are in a hurry. My parking meter was running out time and la señora making my food was taking her sweet time shuffling around the kitchen. Any other time I would not have minded. But since I was in a bit of time crunch, I started to get antsy.
***Looking at the picture for Antojitos Aminta is making my eyes a little misty for arepas SIGHHHHH